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  • Need some advice for home Laptop

    Thinking about replacing a 4yr old IBM thinkpad with another laptop, especially now that the bottom 1/3rd of the screen just shows multi colored lines. Plus this thing is slower than all holy hell.. just opening folders, simple text files ect is slow (prob something I could partially fix but I'm a little sick of this thing)

    So the big decision is really between getting another standard laptop or getting a netbook. Either way this will be my primary and only computer.

    Usage is mainly doing stuff like this, surfing the net ect, playing car vids, typing, some games if it will support it although I havent played counter strike in like 2 years.

    Price has to be under 400$

    THinking about this netbook;contentBody

    Or just going to best buy and some other local places and picking up whatever laptop looks like a decent buy.

    Most of the time I am working off wireless sitting on my couch watchin tv (unemployment life is hard work)

    Only thing I am concerned with is the screen size of the netbooks (scrolling on every webpage is enough of a pita that I dont use my Ipod touch to surf the internet even when its my only option), as well as the fact that it seems like computers in general seem to all slow down... cheaper less powerful ones, quicker than higher end units. I dont want this thing to slow down after putting a few gigs on the HD. I really am liking the battery life size and look of it though. not sure if its big enough really for my main computer.

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    netbook is a... netbook.
    second computer.

    go to,, everyday.
    I saw some decent under $400 laptop with 15.4" screen.
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      Netbooks don't make very good primary computers. Get a full sized anything.


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        Well my GF wants to get 2 laptops, so we have our own, so I am thinking of getting a netbook and a laptop. The netbook we can bring with us on trips ect and she likes the look of the netbooks and she just browses tmz and garbage websites like that.

        Found a cheap full size laptop that seems to be a decent deal

        Edit: found this laptop which for another 100$ seems like a lot more computer

        Checking benchmark tests for the processor compared to others I've seen in computers in this range, this thing is in a league of its own, plus a gig more memory and twice the harddrive space although I dont need the latter.


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          This might help you,

          dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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            The girlfriend wanted the netbook so I am using her as a guinnea pig.

            She ONLY surfs the web and listens to music so it should be perfect for her.

            I will prob get a full size laptop. Only thing is I wanna wait and see how usefull this notbook is before getting a laptop and I dont wanna miss out on a deal on a toshiba laptop I found


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              netbooks dont even have CD drives, so keep that in mind.

              There may be hope in the future for netbooks if the NVidia ION concept works to improve the video hardware...a Samsung N510 which i believe comes out sometime this month, if not already, may be something to look at in the netbook department, due to its ION architecture, supposedly allowing better graphics...just something to think about...
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