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  • Project underway

    so I just bought a lilliput eby701 already installed in the double din adaptor for $199.00 on ebay!

    This means that my carputer project is officially underway...

    I also have bought a bluetooth obd II sensor...

    I am going to sell my brother my old head unit, and then use the money to buy the actual pc. Then, I will hook my friends up at the local audio shop up with the wondershare ipod video backup, and they will then give me a sweet deal on a 4 channel amp to power my speakers....then it is just onto saving up around $300 more so I have a $900 budget on subs and an amp...

    I asked them to demo the difference between 12's and 15's, and when I stepped into a room with 4 12" arc kar series subs, ***** started falling from teh ceiling and the wall I was up against on the opposite side of the room was bowing out...I have a hatchback coupe, so 2 of those in a custom fitted enclosure should be enough to destroy my