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2006 Pontiac Grand Prix starting installation

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  • 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix starting installation

    i was looking around the forum of a place that people can talk about car pc's i have been wanting to do this for years but the tech just was not there till recently

    what i have been wanting to do is i would like to keep very cheap under $500 this is for a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

    i would like to have a single or double din touch screen of course

    i would really like to have hd radio and bluetooth & gps i got garmin and tomtom already and could get any other one and i need to read more about the centrafuse os

    wifi is not important cause i teather with my htc touch pro so thats ok unless its cheap to do

    so far what i have found its too expensive to have the pc as the entire unit so i can go ahead and run the wires all over and keep the pc in the trunk and i am working cutting out part of the carpet on the side and weld a rack that would serve as a great way to hold the computer down

    please help me what what are my best options and where should i head from this...

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