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  • bidfun SCAM

    Avoid this !! ITS A SCAM

    it looks like an auction, BUT you prebuy bid options at $1 each bid.

    first glance you go WOW that fantastic a BRAND NEW PS3 slim went for $265.92 ($132US), thats a hell of a deal. then OMG another went for ONLY $45.82(22.90US)
    ($$$changes for local currency)

    do the math, they dont want the buy price to go high or the auction to be quick, so a $1 bid = $0.02 increase in buy price, thats sounds fine, the final price will stay nice an low when i win. my currency its $0.02 ($0.01us)

    re the above PS3 $265.92 / 0.02 = 13296 bids best price is 80c a bid, then that PS3 had about $10,000 in bids spent on it, and the person then paid $265 for it so it only cost them say $300 for that, so that $9700 profit on selling a ps3.

    at $45.82 thats still $2000+ for a ps3 all up.

    i noticed the same people bidding on all, because there is only one "gamble" or auction for the main items, its not really an auction, really. so they cover all time zones. so waiting toll 1am to place a sneeky bid, means you are bidding against the uk and the usa

    lots of sites report that even after bidding finishes, you can get last chance options, so even after you win, you may still be out gambled, and no, money spent on bids is not refundable.

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    It's not a scam, it's gambling, which is legal in some places. You didn't read the fine print?
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      call it what you want, your still getting scammed


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        I dont think it is a scam, it seems fairly well layed out. Great business practice for those that can't read though (for the company that is) and great business practice for those with patience (for the buyer). For those impulse buyers that do bid constantly then yeah they are getting ripped off, but it seems easy to comprehend.
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          It's REALLY clever. You don't get to bid like on eBay. You buy a bid, which is like a lottery ticket. If you win, you PAY for the prize!

          I wish I'd thought of this.
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            It's not really a scam unless the bidders are unaware that the system is different than say, ebay. It's just a different business plan.


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              Well for sure it's really different from ebay... And it's true that it's a bit misleading, but people should all the same be really careful when some one ask their money. I mean, if you just spend an hour just looking at the website you can be aware that it is really difficult to win...