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VERY hot day in Ewing, NJ today

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  • VERY hot day in Ewing, NJ today

    Right now its 88degrees.

    Drove my car home on lunch to eat.
    I just happened to check my trunk for something and i could hear all the fans on the carpc roaring . they were on full blast lol

    Last week i installed a fan on top of my DSATX cuz my pc kept turning off for no apparent reason . i coudnt figure out why.
    I realized that the temp in the trunk was just too hot
    since then, the pc has been good.

    How is the weather by you guys??

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    its 91 here in the DC Metro. and i can hear my carPCs mightly roar from behind my dash. I just hooked up a 4th fan to prevent the PC, DSATX, or both from shutting down due to heat and so far so good. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      My carpc is under the passenger seat, so once the car cools down from sitting in the sun it does pretty well. I don't hear the fans even on full blast over the road noise in my car anyway. Definitely hot though in the northwest Baltimore area.
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