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Cars that look like the Honda Accord 2000

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  • Cars that look like the Honda Accord 2000

    (On a side note, Im actually surprise that thered is no section for talk about cars in general :P)

    Id like for a first time used car a Honda Accord 2000 such as this:

    I like the "form factor" . The problem is of course it is impossible to find a exact car like this so Im wondering of alternatives. I know there is also a Civic that looks very similar and some other Accords. So Im asking for cars that like this just to know some more MUST be 4 door (or 5 door, since this is to be looked for in Europe). Also older = less price so that would be nice as well. EOBD would be nice as Im planning to put a computer in this and with EOBD I could get more information.