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Forte Dash Monitor Surround Kit

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  • Forte Dash Monitor Surround Kit

    Hello guys

    I ordered Forte Dash Monitor Surround Kit from Korean Auto Imports, What i get is this :
    Order #****(Pending) Order Date: Thursday 24 June, 2010

    Sub-Total: $129.95 International (International Air Mail): $18.60 Total: $148.55
    I really can't get it ? i paid and ordered on 24 and today 27 and the order is still pending ?

    what is the problem ?

    did any one order from that site and have any idea ?


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    Well, what did they say when you emailed their support line about it?
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      nothing, I sent them like 10 emails throw those days but i never got a replay


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        hey guys, big news.

        my bank statment show that they charged my visa on 28/06/2010

        so that is like 4 days after i placed the order. but the order still pending

        so this means soo it will be shipped ?



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          Not necessarily. It only means they have your money.
          I hope they do ship your product to you, but you never know when dealing with a vendor in a foreign country through the internet.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            KAI is supposed to be reliable, though I haven't personally dealt with them.

            It may be that they haven't received it yet, as they will only keep some things in US warehouses, and the rest will be shipped from Korea. They are based in AZ actually, not Korea.
            Maybe you should just make a phone call.

            Corporate Headquarters:
            Sherwood Automotive
            Avondale, AZ
            Tel (Toll Free): 1-866-767-3686
            Tel: 623-925-5709
            Fax: 623-925-5641

            Retail Superstore:
            Car Stuff
            540 N. Bullard Ave STE B13-17
            Goodyear, AZ 85338
            Tel (Toll Free): 1-866-767-3686
            Tel: 623-925-5709
            Fax: 623-925-5641

            I know when I placed an order with KSPEC (actually in Korea), their excuse was that they were getting the part from manufacturing on the weekend.... this happened for 2 months!

            Just gotta keep on them, especially now that they have your money... good luck.
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              hi buddy,

              i just called them on this number +1-866-767-3686 the answer machine answered me and told me to leave me message so i did. also i sent email too but i sent others before but never got a replay.

              don't know what to do more ?!!!!!!!!

              i'm so scared now that i got stolen and riped


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                after that call i just got email say on pref.

                that my order can't be done and the money will be refund after 5 - 6 working days...

                can any one tell me what those guys was thinking ?