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mp3 players with gps ???

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  • mp3 players with gps ???

    ok so recently my luck has not gotten any better since my iphone was stolen, cause my truck has now been stole too. i loaned and (ex)buddy the keys to goto the store and he never showed back up.

    so now im stuck with two wheels and no phone, no more carputer, and was wondering if there was any touch screen mp3 players with gps and bluetooth out there? i found one by Archos but the reviews are not very good. andriod os would be nice but not necessary.

    maybe an unlocked phone would work? if it was unlocked it would work with pre-paid service if i ever decided of getting another phone.

    should i wait a few more months for the ipad followers to come out?

    any advice/thoughts are appreciated, thanks

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    i know some of the higher end gps's (at, or above $200) have mp3, and picture features..
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