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Password Protected Ignition System

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  • Password Protected Ignition System

    So here is my basic idea. I have a 1996 Dodge Avenger 2.5L V6. I have made the car completely keyless..... No door handles, no door keys, no trunk key and no ignition key, everything is done by switch push or key fob......

    The basic idea i have here is to beable to hook up a number pad in which you key in a password (much like a garage door opener) and if the password is correct it will start the car.....

    Any ideas or suggestions to make this possible would be awesome!!!

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    The problem is that standard ignition inhibitors are usually easy to bypass.

    Are you intending to ground the ignition coils (points/ignitor connection)?

    Otherwise there are lots of code solutions.
    I use to use SCRs (~transistors) hard-wired to keys or decoder that had to be sequenced right for final connection. Problem is - rip out the unit and simply short/connect the output wire... That could be overcome by running keypad wires to remote SCRs etc etc.

    But it sounds like you have poor security if you think people can enter your vehicle - whether they want to steel things or start it...???

    What alarm system is fitted?


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      The vehicle is currently a project car. There is currently no security system installed..... There will be a Viper alarm system of some sort so i can sync it with my iphone....

      But currently there is a shaved handle kit no keyholes nothing so that is kinda security lol. But to get in the car they will have to use a puller and rip the door open or smash a window and by then the alarm will have gone off.

      The password thing is basically for looks and to awe friends lol.


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        Geez that sounds so last millennium.

        In that case, just insert a keyboard and bluff. Only one buttons to do anything.
        Though could add LEDs or even DTMF dialling tones!

        FYI - I saw some show tonite (CSI or something) where a winderless & handleless car crashed into a dam or river - the driver couldn't get out LOL!
        Unfortunately they had some sharp metal and were able to break the side window (which conveniently had started to crack due to pressure - ha ha - I laughed my nipples off - though I cried when they survived).


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          Did you break the steering wheel lock pin to enable steering with no key?


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            No in order to start the car without the key i just removed the ignition...... in the ignition there is a pin that locks the steering and one the ignition was removed the pin came with it.