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Convert LVDS to VGA/Composite

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  • Convert LVDS to VGA/Composite

    Can anyone help with an issue of converting a BMW LVDS signal (8 Wire) to something more processable, such as VGA or Composite?

    The pin configurations of the LVDS connector are as follows:

    1 E LVDS channel 2 (positive)
    2 E LVDS channel 2 (negative)
    3 --- ---
    4 E LVDS channel 1 (positive)
    5 E LVDS channel 1 (negative)
    6 E LVDS clock (positive)
    7 E LVDS clock (negative)
    8 --- ---
    9 E LVDS channel 0 (positive)
    10 E LVDS channel 0 (negative)

    I ideally need to convert this to be able to display idrive information on a 7" touchscreen, which will be hooked up to a CarPC.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated