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  • emails with pdf files

    is it possible to send a pdf file in an email, but not as an attachment?

    what i want to happen is when the email its opened by the person im sending it to, in their message window i want to appear my pdf automaticly without them opening an attachment.

    can this be done with outlook express 6?

    thanks in advance

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      Nope. i seriously doubt it. Outlook usese the .eml extension to open. I dont think it will work. Thats trying to a .pdf extension into a .eml extension. Get me? confused? so am I

      But I dont think its posible.
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        The only way I can think of doing that is to save a page of the pdf as a jpeg, and then put the jpeg in the email... (since jpegs show up as a part of the email). Not really a good solution, but it's all I can think of.
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          really.. you have to change the header in the email. email clients only know two header types.. text and html.. so i doubt you can do it
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