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  • Android 2.2 iPad Alternatives

    Just released in SZ (China). New iPad clones run Android 2.2 / Windows 7 with "decent" hardware equal to iPad, supporting Flash 10.1

    Any reviews, discussion on those? I have laid my money down and waiting for the courier to show up. Been burnt before and not holding my breath, but as an ebook reader and wifi surfer?

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    There's already tons of stuff on eBay like that... I wonder if these are really any better, and at what price point they'll hit the market.


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      The samsung galaxy is the only one i would consider a match. and it costs just as much... the rest are more like PDAs. It really depends what you are looking for
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      Wow.. how things have changed in 4 years. Gone are the days of mcgyver and datalux


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        SZ,I know this place...a lot of clone products there...
        compare with clone products, y not samsung galaxy tab?
        I like this more than iPad...


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          For now, I would say wait ! Android tablet are not as they should be yet, but I hope that in few months we'll be able to have some decent tablet on android.


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            I've been eyeballing the Nook Color. While it currently only had Android 2.1 (with 2.2 due out sometime in the next month or so), the hacking community has been working hard to turn this eReader into a full fledged table. The device is easily rootable, which allows installation of the Market and any other Android app you want.

            There's a guy at XDA Developers that has a full blown Ubuntu build running on it.


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              I use now the Galaxy Tab for some weeks and I am really happy with this tablet. In my opinon it is better then the iPad.


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                Have you try an iPad ? Is it as responsive as it ?