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  • considering laptop, need opinions

    This summer I am going to be purchasing a new laptop, becase I am going to college in the fall. My old one is a Toshiba 233mhz, which isn't bad in and of itself, but its just not enough for a true desktop replacement.

    I am considering buying an HP off of Ebay. I have looked at many of the auctions, and most of the sellers have like 99.5% positive feedback with thousands of sells, so is it safe to purchase from these guys?

    I know 2 people with HP laptops, and both seem to like them, but what are your guys opinions, are they ok?

    I'm looking to spend around 900$, and for that I can get a 1.6ghz P4, 512 megs of ram, and a built in Radeon. I am going to waite till about July to order it, so that I'll get the best buy for my money.

    Heres an example of what I want:
    That one doesn't have everything I want, but more will come up eventually.

    Anyways, are these decent laptops, would it be an ok computer, and, is it reasonably fast enough to play some decent games on, like SOF2, and BF1942? I know its not like the 2.5ghz beasts you can get for about the same price, but the college I am going to has 802.11 all over campus, and I really want a laptop to take to classes and stuff.

    PS. My old laptop is becoming my mp3computer!
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    It all depends on what you want to do with the laptop. I've never been a fan of the Pavilion line,or Presario or Inspiron, etc, the "home" laptops. So what you need to decide is are you going to carry the laptop around or is it just going to set on a desk. You can feel the difference between a Pavilion and Omnibox (HP's home and business lines). The homs ones just feel flimsy, you can usually twist and flex the case. Also notice it doesn't specify a Pentium M processor so I bet it has a desktop cpu, which to a laptop means hot, heavy, and bad battery life. I carry my laptop everywhere and the home ones just don't hold up.


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      I purchased a laptop off of ebay a year ago. I bought a Compaq Armada, which is their business line. I had been watching some auctions but not bidding and then I emailed one seller whom I thought had their Buy It Now price set too high.

      I asked her if nobody bught it if we could work something out. As it worked out I ended up with a PIII 850 mHz with DVD ROM and 2 4.5 hr batteries for $700. I have had no problems with the laptop, in fact it has been one of my best purchases.

      Compaq and HP are somehow connected now so I don't know if that meas they use the same components or what. But I can say that my laptop has been great, it is surprisingly quick for a PIII and is very reliable.


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        Yea, the Armada line has always been pretty good. The old 1500's and 1700's had a few problems when they got older but otherwise were a pretty sturdy stable machine. My last two were a 1500 and 1700 and I my third would probablly have been an Armada, but the model I wnated didn't have a touchpad so I went with the Dell. The only complaint I have with the Dell is USB1.1, running my vmware's off a external drive is slow. The Armada's Omnibooks and Lattitudes are my three favorite.


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          BUY A TOSHIBA!
          I have had 3 in the last 5 years (because I am a geek and need the latest and greatest, not because they break) and the only problem i have ever had (and I still have/use all 3) was a power brick that went out--nothing with the actual computer.

          they simply dont break, and they're cheap. I no longer even look at other brands when I shop for new laptops. All my freinds are like "why didnt you get a dell?" and my response is always "how many times have you had something replaced?". That usually shuts them up, because of the 20 or so people I know with Dells, all but 1 have had a motherboard, keyboard, or LCD replaced AT LEAST once. The other guy has only had his for 6 months.

          back to my point--buy a toshiba. You can get them at or Circuit City, best buy, staples, and so on and so forth.

          the website doesnt show any spectacular deals right now, but in july there will be back to school type sales and you can get a really good one for hella cheap. I have never paid more than $900 for a new toshiba, and I have always been VERY pleased
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            When I worked for a reseller we sold a few toshibas to the state and had a lot that had to be sent back for repair multiple times. Several wouldn't power on and a few floppy drive and keybaord problems. We sold a lot fo compag and repaired a few, but seemed like Toshiba had a higher failure rate, plus you had to send them back to toshiba as they wouldn't authorize anyone for field repair. All the HP's and Compaq's I sold I could repair in the field and Dell does the same. I'm not with a reseller anymore and we have a lot of dell boxes. Anytime I call Dell I tell them I'm authorized (they don't verify) and they send me the part so I can swap myself. I don't think I have had a failure on one of our dell laptops, just a hdd and power supply on the desktops


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              Keep an eye on this website.
              If you look down to Saturday the 17th DELL had a SWEET deal on laptops. If I hadnt of lost my job I woulda' bought!!

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