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Convert RCA Audio To Speaker Wire

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  • Convert RCA Audio To Speaker Wire

    I need help.

    I have speakers on my deck that have a wiring panel in my living room.

    I have a Satellite box that has optical audio output and RCA output.
    How can i get the audio from the satellite box and convert it to speaker wire for my speakers outside?

    I know i could connect a receiver to it, but i dont want to have all of those devices in my living room.
    I was looking into High to Low level converter, but they only seem to go one way. (Speaker to RCA)

    Any ideas?

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    #1, join a different forum, this one is geared toward installing CarPC's, but you did find a good place to post!

    #2, I can answer that one though, because I love home audio. Your speakers need power. They have to be "amplified". An RCA or Optical output is not an amplified output, hence the need for a receiver. They sell High to Low because the information is there and can be stripped for RCA use, but to do the opposite you need to add power. I would research a "Class T Amplifier." They are generally very small amp/preamp units that can be used for that purpose, assuming you don't need a ton of power for those outdoor speakers. Parts Express usually has a bunch.


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      Thanks for the info.
      I will check it out.


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        I'm pretty much going to agree. You need an amp for your speakers. Although, I think the amp will have to be in your living room as well? You might be able to put the amp in a different area. I'm not too familiar with that set-up.
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