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  • Some People Just Don't Understand

    This is mostly just a rant, but I was wondering if anyone else has friends, or relatives that tell them "why would you bother putting a computer in a car?" or other various forms of "stupid idea" "impractical" and my favorite "it's a Honda..." to which I respond with "well, jackhole, if it was a loaded S-Class then it wouldn't NEED a computer, would it?"
    Anybody else run into that kind of pessimism? I have other friends that are fully supportive and can't wait to see the finished product, but the naysayers are real downers.

    Feel free to share your stories.

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    Yep. I see a lot of it even around here on the forums. People say "Why would you put a pc in your car? Just use a tablet or your phone?" A lot of people don't get that it's a hobby, it's not always practical or about the "end product", it's about the journey getting there, and doing something genuinely different and unique. To be honest, I don't really have many naysayers actually around here, since anyone who I've shown my system to thinks it's awesome, and most of them want it until they hear the price tag heh.
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      As an example: one guy actually got mad at me because he thinks it's a stupid idea, while my roommate thinks it's brilliant and despite the pricetag, he wants me to put one in his Blazer too.


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        Well, in my experience, all of my friends and family who actually SAW IT in person, working, connected, and touched it, etc. those are the ones who actually absolutely loved it. Just let them explore a little and they will be surprised by themselves. I stopped trying to boost it one bit, they find traffic cams, or gas prices or whatever cartoon or movie there and they're convinced on the spot.

        Everyone else I just talked about the carpc, in any other environment, thought it was kind of a crazy idea, that it either would be unnecessary or dangerous a waste of time or money or all of the above combined.

        So I avoid talking about it entirely unless the person is actually inside the car...:-)
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          All I say to these boneheads is ........."Because I can".

          And then there is the Nick Burns (The computer guy SNL) wannabe (T)IT guys, and then they look at 'ya like it's way below them, to even consider putting something like that in their ride........ Just a waste of time and money. But we know different.


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            People are usually put-off by my car long before they see the inside... it's a Chevette.
            At that point my fuel-injected V6 and 15" touchscreen mean nothing.


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              I feel all your pain. I have a complete setup in my conversion van. 15" LCD monitor, small keyboard. All assembled together on a custom table top on the top of the vehicles engine cover. It is all blacked out and upholstered in some spots. Point, people have a hard time seeing the practicality in such a concept until the touch it and use it and realize the amount of information you just made available inside your vehicle. I am sure the car stereo was treated this way in it's infancy.


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                after reading the title, i couldn't help but think of will smith's "parents just don't understand"...

                even though i am against honda's, i think that is a ridiculous comment..(though some day, i want to pimp out a honda in all the wrong ways-- tons of NOS stickers('fo extra HP 'yo), shabby audio install, etc..)

                when the carpc comes up in conversation(it sometimes does, when they ask how i can get the internet from my car..), and someone asks me why do it, i ask them why not? if they are truly interested, i go into detail about how i was sitting at best buy ready to dump a ton of money on some audio equipment with limited features, when i realized i could build a carpc that had virtually unlimited features for less money--depending on the penny-pinchy-ness of the person i am talking to, the more i saved doing it.. if they roll their eyes after that, they at least have enough respect to do it after their back is turned...
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                  Yeah. I think I'll just have to finish the project before I discuss it outside of this community. It's hard for people to put down the pure awesome that is a well-built carPC.


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                    you are right Ryven I agree with you.............


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                      Hey guys, even though I have little interest putting a PC in my car (sorry, and yeah - wtf am I doing here?), I can't see how OPs (Other Peoples - a famous brand of cigarette favored by my mates!) can bang the idea so hard.
                      I expected a "great - why didn't I think of that?".
                      But then again, I usually can't figure out OPs. (Much like most of you can't figure me?)

                      However, with the multitude of vehicles now released with in-dash screens that select your audio, display the GPS, etc - why do they have that attitude?

                      Oh well, I do keep select company. (And select forums.)

                      So fark them - keep at it. Whether a hobby, a ridiculous expense, or a waste in hindsight, YOU are leading edge. And IMO this is useful multi-skill and platform experience - it's hard getting that these days!

                      BTW - why not a car PC now? For me, that was over 25 years ago...
                      Plus I still drive sideways.

                      PS - and I too think like those in Gallery's next reply.
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                        My story is all my friends do not want to have a vedio device in their cars, just they would like the tablet PCs which can be took to anywhere.


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                          I caught so much hell 20 years ago about my tablet install cause it didn't look "OEM", now watching everyone scrambling to install tablets, iPads, and smartphones just makes me laugh!
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                            If you had a BMW with I-Drive or a Ford with Sync would you ask people to check it out these days? Naw. I dont talk about it, there is no point. I just enjoy it as a hobby and the challenge of putting together a system that has better sound quality, more features and total customization at a fraction of the price as the big car guys.
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                              iDrive and Sync have their merits, but I expect I would tire of them quickly and they would only serve to impress on first notice. The PC can evolve and grow.

                              VIVA LA CARPC!

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