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Anyone else in PERTH, Australia?

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  • Anyone else in PERTH, Australia?

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to know if there are any others doing carputers in Perth, Australia (or even elsewhere in Australia).

    I figure the more expertise, the better, and we can help each other out.

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    I'm in Perth, had my install in my Tribute SUV now for over a year, had my installation done as an article for APC magazine.

    Have you done your install, or still planning?


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      Hi Chester,

      I'm still planning and deciding.... whether to go a 2-din touch-screen unit (your typical thing), or the carputer avenue. As a geek (I love building pc's), I`d love to do the computer, but it all comes down to budget and price/performance. If I had to replace the Prius battery with a better one just for a computer, that's over $300 right there

      Would love to see a copy of the apc magazine if possible.