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  • Can someone help me

    Hello Everybody, I asked this question on some other forums and got no replies so i decided to come back here where i always get help. I currently have an Iphone 4 that I bought brand new through ATT when they first came out which later i ended up jail breaking. Recently I dropped my phone and crushed my screen and do not want to pay for a new one. I wanted to buy an unlocked Tmobile side kick 4g. Can I simply take the sim card out of my iphone and insert it into the sidekick and be on my way since it is unlocked? I looked up a lot of information on this stuff but still kinda confusing me. Please Help!


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      Yeahp you sure can. If the phone is GSM enabled you can do it (sim card) the only thing your going to have to do is call at&t and change your plan around for data since the Iphone and other smart phones use different data streams. (when i changed from a Black Berry to a Iphone i had to change my plan around) Good luck ^_^


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        also btw if you can get the screen to come on the iphone you can revert back to your old firmware from being jailbroken if you still have a warranty on it. that way it looks like it was never jailbroken in the first place =]