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  • need help with home network

    i am trying to set up a home network with a file server for all my mp3s and to do most of my music and video downloading. i currently have 3 computers in the house and one that i want to use as the server. i installed windows server 2003 on the server machine. all others are running xp pro. all have nic cards in them and i have a cable internet connection. right now i am sharing my internet through a network hub. though i am sure i will need to get a router to do file sharing. can some one tell me how to set all this up correctly or if there is anything else that i'll need to do this?

    one problem that i have right now is that when i try to connect to the internet on my server it gives me an error saying that it cant establish a valid ip address. then it goes on and lets me use the nic to sonnect o a network but not the internet. i had annother drive so i installed win xp to test everything and internet works fine in xp. why noy in windows server 2003?

    any help is greatly appreciated.
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    If I understood all of that correctly, you can connect to your server through your other computers, but cannot connect to the internet? If that is the case then unless your ISP is renting you more IP addresses, then you need to have a Router. The router acts identically to a network hub, but it also allows you to share your internet connection to other PCs. Basically what I would suggest is go out and buy a router (I bought mine for $50) and simply hook it up in place of your hub. Good luck, hope I understood you correctly.
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      Or rent two more ips from your ISP.

      Buying a router will be cheaper in the long run.

      Edit: You can set the server up as a router/firewall. Just grab another NIC.

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        Just to confirm...

        Considering the question you asked, do not go the 2nd NIC route. You could end up opening your network to some jackarse on the outside.

        I too would recomend getting a 4 port Linksys router for $50. They are very easy to set up, it will give all the computers internet access, and it will block practicaly anyone from getting "in"...unless you start opening ports. Plus, you can always add another switch for when you need more computers on the network.
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          Get the router and set it up. Follow the instructions in the book
          All the pc's will have to have an IP adress. The routers IP should be somehwat - Your second PC should be and so on. There default gateways have to be the Roouters IP address. Also you will have to input the preferred DNS servers.

          To do all of this:
          right click network ghettohood
          on the xp machines there should be a bridge thingy. right click it
          tcp/ip highlight it
          then go to properties and set your IP ADDYS and DNS servers

          To get your DNS servers get online. type in the run box cmd
          open the cmd box
          then type in ipconfig /all it will give you the IP addresses for your DNS servers.

          Good luck.
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