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  • help with ir remote , electronics in general

    hi all
    you guys are pretty helpfull so i though i'd pose this question here. I am trying to build an ir reciever for my pc (i want to be lazy >8) ) , but i am running into problems. It seems that i cant get enough voltage from my serial port. The real problem is that i dont understand some stuff , like when i put my multimeter across the 5 volt hard drive cable power socket inside my pc , i get like 14 volts. when i put it across the 12 volt i get 30. i dont understand. someone told me that there need to be a load across it , i dunno. Maybe some one can clarify?

    I get the same thing with the serial port , i build the electronics specified on this page :

    i only get 4 volts across +ve and -ve of the ir reciever module. This is the page i got the parts list from : (right at the bottom)

    These are the parts i actually brought (dick smith part numbers included , :

    Electrolytic Capacitor Bipolar 50V 4.7uF dse # : R 4610
    Resistor 1/4W 4k7 dse # : R1090
    IR Sensor dse # : Z 1955 equivalent to IS1U621
    LM78L05CZ +5v 100 mA Voltage Reg dse # : Z6108
    Zener 400mV 3v9 1N748A/1N5228B dse # : Z3402

    plus wire and serial port connecter etc....

    If anyone here can look at all this info and tell me if it should work , that would be great. I think i need to learn some more elecronics stuff , the most advanced thing i have built is the old "cut of the plug on a playstation controller and put on a parrallel port plug so i can use it on my pc" which works

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    addditional info

    i suppose i should mention that i found the data sheet for the ir reciever module , (equivalent to IS1U621) , its supposed to work between 4.7 and 5.3 volts
    stupid quote # 1 : "i dont do drugs , i only ever smoke pot when i'm coming down" , Me , 6 september , 2001.


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      You got one part wrong, the zener diode. According to the schematic that diode is a 1N4148 silicon diode. You can use a 1N914 or better yet any schottky diode. A schottky diode has a very low voltage drop (0.1-0.2 compared to 0.6-0.7 for a silicon diode). Also, I would add a 10uF capacitor at the regulator input.