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    i got a 88 saab 9000 turbo 5 speed for 250$
    needs some work like umm a tranny and stuff
    the guy i got it from dumped a gear at high speed and i am guessing tore the hell out of the differential <sp>
    so the front end locked up and wore flat spots all teh way down to the belts in teh front tires

    but the motor runs sweet turbo seems to be in great shape no detectable play and such
    some quick pics are here the plates say iowa but i live in washington state i gotta get it transfered over
    click on the saab-o-tage link < the name is the product of long work night and little sleep>

    i am gonna change out the stock ecu with the one i have sitting on my shelf
    wich is this one

    the page is very crappy as i have no real time to work on it and dial up people may be sent into fits of frustration

    oh yeah if you got any saab parts like a tranny give me email
    i really wanna get this on the road as fast as possible
    run-on sentance comp 2002!!