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Cellphones: Why do they enforce 'smartphones' upon us? Why...

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  • Cellphones: Why do they enforce 'smartphones' upon us? Why...


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    Uh... what? Sounds like you're complaining because you don't have a way to connect your car computer to the cell network? I don't know how it is in your country, but in the USA it's as easy as either hitting the "tether" button on my phone, or buying a USB cellular modem. I assume it's the same most everywhere around the world, since these modems are advertized as being "world capable" :P
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      It appears obvious that you do not talk about the same thing as I did.

      Your response is so unrecognisable with regard to the issue raised by me that I don't know what else to say.

      Except maybe, try to read the text displayed at Youtube. Focus on the description of the construction principle. Which should not be hard to comprehend, because it is the one you know from home computing.

      Like I said: This self-suggesting construction is terra incognita in the US, for reasons only to be speculated about.

      After thinking again, feel welcome to ask the real questions. I will then be happy to assist.


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        i read the youtube wording(why couldn't you just post it here?) and still don't understand what your trying to do...
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          Ok. You people (assuming you're in the US and Canada) haven't had what we used to have in Europe; besides this was also exported to Australia and New Zealand, to my knowledge. That's the reason why you simply can't comprehend a very easy thing, so let me explain.

          Think back: What came before handheld phones? Right: carphones. But in Europe, we had an intermediary stage, before our wise industry chose to slavishly follow the inferior US model. We had handheld phones that could easily be temporarily converted into carphones, so to speak. How was it done? Makers offered a specific carkit for many of their models. A carkit, correctly mounted, established connection to the car battery, the roof antenna, a microphone and a loudspeaker (or through your car stereo's speakers). The moment you put your handheld phone into the carkit's cradle, it had the same performance as a carphone. Plus you could connect your laptop, because the phones already had a modem. The only downsize was that then (2G), speed was too low to make surfing attractive.

          This all changed with the advent of 3G. So the logical thing would have been to continue the success formula just described, only at 3G speed now. Industry, possibly influenced by government, decided otherwise, however. First, the exterior antenna contact was removed. Then, the makers offered no more carkits.

          Nowadays, there are a few specialty makers who do offer general-purpose carkits. As there is no more external antenna contact in handheld phones, they use inductive coupling, instead of galvanic coupling. Not quite so good, but better than a freely radiating phone inside your car - because of your link quality, link range, safety from radiation.

          But these general carkits have lots of flaws. Like the one mentioned by me, Audio 2000 from german maker Funkwerk Dabendorf (FWD): The microphone volume is too low, there is no possibility to connect your netbook to the Nokia E5's mini-USB contact (covered by the cradle), plus the audio contact is unsafe. If you finally have managed to drill a hole into the holder so you can connect your netbook, have fixed the audio contact so it actually holds a steady contact, then there still is no solution to the low-microphone problem. Plus it appears the swiss stasi have visited my car overnight and manipulated the black box, because I can no longer hear through the loudspeaker, something that yesterday was still possible. I didn't touch anything since then.

          So my guess is, government simply don't want us to have these things. There is no law prohibiting us from having/using these things, so they have their will this way. But will we accept it?

          Now try and understand the construction principle first. Start with forgetting all the hype you're being flooded with on a daily basis and use your common sense instead, that's probably the only way to get there. Then you will be rewarded by a new insight: namely that this IS the superior construction principle, it easily beats any 'smartphone', which - apart from the technological achievement as such - rather is a dumbphone.

          We need to demand that makers like Nokia, Ericsson etc again make handheld phones with an external antenna contact and a specific carkit for each model. And of course such that permit galvanic connection of one's netbook to the phone's HSPA modem.


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            good points made , they may ever come to fruition ,sadly.

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              Thank you. Yes, it seems we have a powerful lobby acting against us. What can we do then?

              First thing might be to open up a website, in order to spread the word. This issue should not be explained in many words but rather in images and videos, so most people get a chance to comprehend it.

              Unfortunately my practical knowledge - with regard to producing such websites - is quite limited, in contrast to the subject as such. If we manage to get a team of dedicated fans together where everybody can contribute his useful share, then we might make it work?

              Would you be willing to join? What could be your part?

              Again regarding my own part. As mentioned, I have the experience how it used to be in the 2G era, and it would be easy to transcend this method to 3G, if only the hardware were completely available. I am also ready to do more, but the problem is that - according to my impression - the swiss 'stasi' actively counteract every significant move I make. I manage only to inch forward, and if I for an exception manage to go a foot, then they come overnight, open my car and create a new technical problem.

              In case you think I'm 'nuts', then I suggest you read


              Also this video is quite interesting:



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                It's probably not government. Rather, it's the lack of a market for "carkits". You need to remember, smartphones market in the millions. If it doesn't sell in the millions, it's considered a failure. Now say they sold only 500,000 "carkits". This would have been a massive failure compared to smart phones and they would have discontinued the carkit product.

                The government doesn't even want you to have smartphones in the car, let alone a carpc or a "carkit". They want to keep their sheeple nice and safe.
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                  Um, regardless of whether the antenna is inside or outside, the waves are still going to be going through the car, so your worry about radiation is just silly. If anything, a bigger antenna on the car would just amplify the radiation, rather than keep it away from you. The radiation from a cell phone is really not that much, and once it's a couple feet away from you like it would be if you put it in a car dock, there's really nothing to worry about. All of us come across far more dangerous things than cell phones every day.

                  Other than this strange request for an external antenna, all of the stuff you rambled on about can be accomplished with various combinations of aftermarket equipment available today. Use a car charger to "connect to the battery" (I'm guessing you mean powering the phone), use a bluetooth module to get a microphone and audio over the car speakers, and the CarPC stuff can and has been done by pretty much the majority of people on this forum.


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                    > tripzero:

                    We don't know if it's government intervention or mere economic decisions. Like I said in the video text, in the US there is a strong 'not-to-be-outgunned-by-the-people' mentality among the powers-that-be, and our rulers over here have the habit to slavishly copy much of what they find west of the Atlantic. Obviously, a laptop (rather than a smartphone) in your car, and properly connected to the internet through the cellphone HSPA modem, and everything running over a roof antenna, is a professional formula, which puts you on equal footing with law enforcement.

                    I see here in Switzerland that they attempt with all stealth means at their disposal to keep me from reaching this goal. They deliver faulty equipment, they don't assist you when it comes to removing the flaws; when you manage to do it on your own, the 'stasi' come overnight, open your car and create you new technical problems - just as if it were unlawful to have this equipment in your car. Ever heard of Switzerland as Heidiland? Forget it, it's Stasiland.

                    Think about my arguents. And consider a model how we quality-minded people still could get there, against the political food chain and its evil intentions. There must be technology-savvy people sympathising with us, not hired by the government or the economy?


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                      > Freak...

                      Supposing you are serious in what you say: I would suggest you try to catch up on your obviously lacking antenna knowledge first, before you continue to make a public fool of yourself.

                      The formula where the netbook is connected to the cellphone's HSPA modem, the netbook standing in the trunk and steered from a near-the-steeringwheel periphery, with the cellphone in a properly wired cradle (car battery, mic/speaker, roof antenna) is superior to any other thing, especially a 'smartphone'. According to me, smartphones are for dumb people - which doesn't mean that every user of them would be dumb. But the entire hype around them is being created to make them lose conscience, common sense, to make them not to start thinking independently on this issue and potentially better methods.

                      I can't prove it, sure, but almost all the evidence available today - and that's not little - points in that direction.


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                        Let me make those of you interested in this matter a new proposal. Consider the whole thing a potential *business model*: Try and find independent, technically qualified people who could work out the the carkit problem, because this is where the principle problem lies.

                        Those carkits existing (and known to me) consist of 2 parts: a black box, and a holder for the phone. Both are interconnected by a system cable. The black box is connected to the car battery, a microphone and a speaker (or the radio's speakers), and the roof antenna.

                        Audio 2000 by Funkwerk Dabendorf (FWD) - see


                        offers phone-specific holders, because of the necessary contacts. However, their holder covers the phone's mini-USB, so you can't wire-connect the netbook. Their mic is way too weak, the other party can hear you with problems only. Then again, you may be glad that they can hear you at all (and you can hear them), because the holder's audio plug is mounted insufficiently: It has a tendency to losen in the course of some weeks, and once this situation is there nobody hears anything anymore. .)

                        Alternatively, there is Bury's System 8, see


                        They seem to offer a general-purpose holder, thus without contacts. According to what I hear, you are supposed to plug a short lose power wire into your phone. This would be basically fine, but it seems to be of the mini-USB type, so it would occupy the slot needed for the netbook. Then the audio part is to be fed via bluetooth. Personally I don't like bluetooth, because it just causes too many problems. These problems will probably worsen when you also try to connect your netbook this way, even if your phone can handle 2 such simultaneous connections.

                        I would prefer a solution with general-purpose holders plus short lose wires for power, audio and netbook. As connectors, use standard types, plus offer the necessary adapters.

                        By the way, my preferred antenna is a swedish Smarteq (formerly Allgon), see their catalogue at


                        Looks- (see the last photo in my video, via thread opener) and handling-wise I prefer the 1158.22 (page 4), although it reaches up to 1990 Mhz only.

                        Finally a word about the netbook. The only problem that I remember there was to get it connected via the Kensington 120 W power supply to the car battery - the Kensington doesn't offer the right tip for every netbook. So a savvy technical interventon was necessary there too. A small optical mouse is easy to obtain, as is a small keyboard. As a monitor, I now have (in contrast to the video photos) a Xenarc 805YV, see


                        This is a superb thing - light-weight, stable and crystal-clear image. But they also offer a range of other models, best will be to check out for yourselves.

                        Once you've come this far, you can start your business and try to reach the quality-minded customers. And when your sales warrant it, you can start to make model-specific holders as we had them in Europe in the 2G era. They used to offer a host of convenient features adapted to the various models which a general-purpose holder just cannot offer. I wouldn't be suprised if european industry then came to copy 'the american model' again... .)

                        Finally, if you are really successful, then you can approach Nokia, Ericsson & co and demand that they again equip their phones with an automatically switched external antenna contact. From then on, putting the phone into the cradle means also that all the phone's antenna power is led to the roof antenna through a galvanic contact, that the phone's antenna remains inactive. This means you get the entire raditation out of the car - in the interest of your range, link quality, and protection from harmful cellphone radiation (yes, 2 W is harmful if exposed to it from a close distance for hours on end).

                        Good luck to you, hope to hear good industry news from the other side of the Atlantic soon - the sooner the better. .)


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                          For those interested, download the video at


                          and copy the description including my email address, I don't know how much longer they will be there.


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                            Lol, you act like it's some huge conspiracy. It's just capitalism. If a product dosen't sell, it'll go off the market. And there's no market for carkits anymore like trip said. Most new cars have bluetooth integration negating the need for a carkit in the first place... so who's conspiring to put bluetooth in car, since that's what's killing carkits? Oh noes!
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                              Guys like you are like sand in the desert. You are all exchangeable, without any personality.

                              The only thing that would remain open is whether you can't comprehend the issue at stake, or whether you prefer not to, because you pursue a hidden agenda. Provided this were an interesting question...

                              So in other words, if you have nothing else to contribute than foolish 'lols', why the hell don't you just f*** off.