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best carcam (blackbox) ??

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  • best carcam (blackbox) ??

    Hi, i will order a carcam (video recorder with GPS). What is the best to buy? i dont need dual cam. Im looking at Blacvue DR400G-HD

    Is this a ok camera or is there something thats better?

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    I have seen good results with this unit. A friend has one and the video's look great. The software that comes with it is also very good. Here is another I was looking at and it also has good reviews SNO
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      I also want to buy a new one, but I don't know which is suitable for me. Post the reasons why you love the browser game Castlot on the forum of the MMOWood site, and you can get the secret gifts and strong equipments of this game.
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        Originally posted by futqut View Post
        I also want to buy a new one, but I don't know which is suitable for me.
        i'm very happy with the BlackVue 400. Very good video, first time installation to adjust it take a litle time since it dont have a screen, i did use a 10" monitor to adjust it, and then i put a litle mark on the camera so i could get it in correct position after i tok it out. This is my first car cam, but i will buy one for my other car and maybe some to have in the rear, and i will buy blackvue again.


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          Not exactly sure what the reasoning behind your decision, but I'm planning on using 1 or more gopro's in my build. They take very nice quality 1080P video, they're small, waterproof, stand-alone yet hardwireable with HDMI out. The hero3's are even wifi enabled and can connect to a smartphone (android app still not released yet.)

          For any that are mounted outside I'll put them in some sort of metal enclosure to help deter theft as that is $200 sitting on your fender. There's also development going on right now in terms of hacking the connector on the back. The pinout is now documented and doing simple start/stop operations via remote button should be trivial.
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            I hear for the money you cant do better than the LIVUE LB100 its the same as the Winycam v300hd gps is optional but you can buy the unit with GPS for $150. It is great both day and night shots and has a app for your android phone