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  • New Tesla Vid, Check This Out!.......

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    I live on the same road as the Tesla factory, and had no idea what they have been up to. A year ago they only had 50 cars in the parking lot, now there are maybe 500, so I knew they had to be getting ready to release a finished car, but they keep a low profile.

    It's a real car factory though, it was originally a GM factory, later NUMMI (GM-Toyota) and now Tesla.

    That center console touchscreen must be 12" x 18" or so. It's Obscene! And their front end has awesome capabilities!


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      kinda cool but i understand they are much heavier than the lotus they are based on


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        Dang! I was expecting a Tesla Transporter. (It's analog as opposed to those Star Trek idiots that use digital.)

        I wonder if it has a physical switch/controls option for those like me that rarely else can't look at their dash to control things?
        (Wouldn't that be ironic - I once designed or built electronic instrumentation for old cars. To think that one day I might be offering the reverse migration... LOL!)


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          I honestly dont think electric cars are ready for the prime time yet, I drive about 40,000 miles per year and I know for sure i could not have one. The trouble is how long it takes to charge if you could fully charge over lunch then this would work for me but you cant. And look at the cost $580 per month ore $63,000 to buy to much money. I hear Mazda is bringing their clean diesel to the usa in 2015. and I know in Europe they sell the CX-5 with the skyactive diesel it get 52MPG imagine that in the Mazda 3 or 6


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            oh and I forgot they just licensed Toyota's synergy drive, imagine a diesel hybrid Probably a 75+ MPG SUV


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              diesel hybrids are the future...

              those and cng/propane.

              Electric will only become standard when you can hold a charge for 300+ miles and recharge it in 15 minutes or less.


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                Pure electrics may not yet suit long haulers or big milers like tuminatr nor me, but they do suit those that do sub-one hour commutes to work or shops or schools etc.

                But that suitability will extend. There are various quick charge and replacement technologies in progress, and other methods will evolve.
                There will still probably be a role for fossil fueled vehicles... just like steam cranes may still be superior to modern (diesel-) electric cranes.

                Unfortunately down here wall socket charged electrics are probably worse carbon producers than raw petroleum fueled vehicles (we have predominantly fossil power and no nukes). Not that IMO that matters much until people get it thru their skulls that buried carbon fuels must stay buried. But hey, let's not go there...


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                  lol could not have said it better myself, electrics are just too expensive and to limiting right now. Some day they will be a better deal but I have done the math and its cheaper for me to drive a SUV than a Prius because of the cost of the vehicle. After all its your monthly payment plus cost of gas that is the bottom line, unless you buy one for image.


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                    As I said, Pure electrics won't be popular until they can go 300 miles, charge in less than 15 minutes and don't cost an arm and leg...

                    Was funny seeing this video today because I actually SAW one on the road about an hour after seeing this video near me while we were headed out to a park for a get together.
                    Looked exactly like the one in the video. The driver looked to be of Asian decent so I highly doubt he was from the video but the car was a similar color.

                    The door handles were sunk into the car and it was definite that same type of car. I did not get close enough for long enough to see the computer in the dash though...


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                      Yeah, definitely not for the masses yet.
                      Cost wise it's the usual lifecycle - let the trendies buy at the usual introductory price so the price falls quicker for mass consumption.

                      Popular is relative. I'm more interested in the numbers. Range-wise they already suit the majority of owned vehicle (as perhaps opposed to the majority of mileage).
                      That varies with region. Though f.ex Australia has huge distances per capita (ie, one of the lowest population densities in the world), it also has one of the highest urbanisation rates - ie, nearly 1/3rd live in TWO cities & over half the population in 5 cities.
                      So for most aussies, a 2nd car could certainly be electric (if not their first). Yet likewise, for most aussies their main car cannot be electric if limited to a few hundred miles or km.
                      USA and Canada may be similar whereas other countries follow the urban model.

                      But even now, with 300km limits and 15 minute recharge times, many would argue they already suit long trips - eg, the 2 hours drive and (coffee) break safety model.

                      Of course we all know how totally unsuccessful petrol cars were with their initial 100 mile range. Or even Harleys 100 years later with their 70 mile tanks.
                      Yet despite similar comments back then (aside from the dangers of WMDs like petrol!) it seems the petrol engine has become somewhat popular.

                      PS - foldaway/electric locks often amuse me. I love seeing power-loss scenarios...
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                        300 MILES... or 480KM...

                        I am assuming since you are talking in metrics more so that you are not American, Oldspark.

                        Petroleum based fueled engines have been around for decades and they can be easily switched to run much cleaner propane or CNG. These are much more readily available in the US than Diesel or Gasoline. I recently read information that in the US at this point in time electric power is actually cleaner per mile than petrol based fuels. And that Grain based fuels actually take more energy to form fuel than is provided by the fuel created.

                        In the US a vehicle to be the main daily driver needs to maintain a minimum of 300 miles (480km) to a tank of fuel or it won't go over well. My truck can actually get closer to 500 miles (800km) per tank and so I don't have to fill the tank more than twice a month unless I go on a long trip. If I switch to CNG I can get a fuel tank that will give me about half this millage but can still also run gas so you could essentially get 750 miles (1200km) per tank for long trips while using both CNG and gasoline. (Use one than the other, not both at the same time.)

                        So if I can drive an electric car that distance and can charge it in 15 minutes then it makes sense. We have a guy here at work with a Chevy Volt. He is the plant manager so he was able to get the local power company to install a power station for free at the plant and one downtown. He is the only one that uses these power stations but he hooks up to it every time he comes to work or goes to city hall. City hall is a mile and half from the plant and he lives 10 miles from work. I think he did this so he doesn't need to have a power station at home. Having to "fill up" every day like this because of the very limited millage would be a pain.

                        There however are new battery technologies coming down the pipeline than in the next 5 years should GREATLY reduce the charging cycle and greatly INCREASE the power storage capacity. I have seen two totally different battery technologies listed on Popular Science as new technologies. Either one stores 10x as much in the same volume and charges in a very short period of time. I think the one article I saw stated that a standard cell battery would last 10x as long and take less than 15 minutes for a full charge. With batteries like this then it really doesn't matter to limit the power of laptops or tablets and use power sipping components. You could use a full powered desktop setup and still last 8 hours on a battery half the size or smaller than a standard laptop battery...


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                          You mean I'm not USAian - AFAIK one of the only 2 non metric countries. But I have been using both miles & kms. For what I am talking about, 300km or 500km doesn't matter much.

                          And as I inferred, unlike here, electric in the US is "cleaner" than petroleum based, but whether corn or LPG or whatever HC fuel, it's still carbon and that is the point. Better HC economy helps, but it isn't the fix we need.


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                            exactly and as for me I have no preference, I am just cheap


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                              But don't forget - we need carbon dioxide to breath!

                              LOL! I'm just quoting what another a naive skeptic said on national TV. I tend to view greenhouse skeptics with amazement, but that one caused a laugh greater than most.

                              As for being cheap - me too! That's why I'm into prevention rather than cure. But the greenhouse issue is one where I think we are past the point of no return (my limit was 350ppm CO2) so I've sat back to enjoy the ride - fatal as it may be. So whatever reduces YOUR fuel costs is fine by me.