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Auto Off 0-15 seconds adjustable headlight

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  • Auto Off 0-15 seconds adjustable headlight

    I havn't seen much threads, if any, for automating the shutoff of headlight systems on a custom level other than the usual comments such as "goto a scrapyard and pickup one off a car".
    My civic 2007 has separate wire leads for the amber lights and headlight, in case the switch is in either position, they will always be on normally... Fortunately, it's very easy to do the mod on this car without ripping out your interior and running several wires everywhere.

    The top of the steering column has 4 clips, there are NO screws. Just pry it up from the front and it comes right out, the wires are all ready and exposed to do what you wish. Two wires you will need is the peach color one, 2 wires over from black, it's a little thicker than the rest, and the other is the grey one. The reason why we cut both wires is because on the civic, when the switch is on for the lights, it grounds the wire. As long as it's grounded, lights stay on, you kill battery. They will be connected to the NO and C contacts of the TM-15's, respectively. The trigger for the timer circuit is a negative polarity, so I use a relay to take the VCC from the fusebox which is active only when the engine is running, and the relay sends ground signal to the timer circuits. You'll need to run another lead to the fusebox that is always on even when car is off to power the timers, they must always be powered, for the timer circuits to work, unless you want an on/off scenario only, in which case, you can just use 2 relays for the entire setup, but thats another story you can accomplish on your own. basically, only have to run 2 wires down to the fusebox, one for the timers, one for the ignition. the ground is spliced to the black wire on theswitch, and the two snipped wires into the timer relays.

    I set both timer pots to about 5 seconds, so if headlights or amber lights are on, as soon as car shuts off, after 5 seconds, lights shut off.

    You are probably asking why I dont put one timer and have it just cut the ground wire at the switch? Simple, high beam doesnt work in this setup if the headlight has no power ( because it's cut at the switch ), BUT, the trickle one still works (when you pull back ), good if your flashing at someone when your parked and waiting for them. Set it up as you wish.

    I have neons on a timer too controlled by the activation of the amber lights, for a period of 4 seconds, seeing as I have a manual DXG model, my remote starter has to keep engine engaged when leaving the vehichle to enter "Ready Mode". When I lock up with remote, car shuts off, lights off after 5 seconds, and neons off 4 seconds after the ambers cut off.

    I've attached the pics,
    BTW, the TM-15 modules are only $12.99 each (x2) and the relay is $1.99 (x1) at Addisson in Montreal. This mod literally took about 15 minutes to install (in the parking lot of canadian tire when I picked up the "add a fuse" plugs )
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      Nice project .

      I like the fuse box connectors - first time I've seen them. They'll come in useful for future projects.

      Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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        ditto - like!

        But important if using relays with internal protection diodes and otherwise pedantic, by convention relay 85 is GND (the more -ve) and 86 is +.
        But I'm sure all here add their own external 1N4004 or 1N4007 diode rather than buying spike protected relays...