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Handbreak auto unlock for civic 2007

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  • Handbreak auto unlock for civic 2007

    Here is another circuit i put together for using handbreak to auto unlock doors since the civic 2007 dxg model (i dont know about other sub models) doesnt do it.
    Yes, sure, shutting off the ignition from key will trigger door open, (driver side only), but, when using remote starter on a manual tranny, "ready mode" requires unlocking door manually, or, even still, stopping by to pick up someone or drop someone off without shutting off the car is annoying going to reach for the all door unlock button. anyways </end rant>

    Now whenever you pull handbreak, the doors all unlock, the built in safety on the civic prevents the unlock button from being depressed for long period. Added to that, I chose a timer module to not only activate the all door unlock but only for a 3 second ground signal, then the module shuts off. neat? this is for anyone who cares for little projects like this ;/

    my 2 other projects are auto garage door and auto headlight cut off within a predetermined time, making the switch ineffective unless the key is put back in to reenable the civic wiring. use the search

    anyways here we go:

    for the timer circuit, i used cana-kit CK002 model. You will need an additional 5volt relay as well, i will tell you why.
    The CK002 kit, which is assembled by the user, costs like 10$ CAD. For this circuit, i did not use the 9volt battery wire, its capable of 9-12volt and i've used this circuit in car environment many times without issues.
    The output of this CK002 PCB for the led and relay is 5volts. So somewhere in that circuit it dropped the voltage, but anyways, luckily 5volt relays exist.

    For the 5volt relay, you can use any, just get their diagrams to know which pin is which, or, you can even trace it out manually using an ohm meter to know which pin does what.
    I used RDP-115 relays from abra electonics in montreal, as well as the ck002 can be purchased there too.

    basically, with about 11 or 12 bucks, you can make your own auto unlock circuit as i did. just trace the door unlock wire on driver boot, for me it was easy, after i had a professional alarm installed, i recently used a tester on the existing 2 wires going to the boot of driver door to find the sweet trigger wire. i also enclosed these 2 chips in a small black box, which can be purchased anywhere, for another 3 bucks or so.

    hope someone finds this useful
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    FYI the CK002 kit has it's many uses for projects like this, basically when power is applied, the led turns on, when the timer runs out, led shuts off. the only way to reactivate the led is to cycle power, or, in the above demonstration, re-engaging handbreak unlocks all doors again. for Car Pics! for Touchscreen timeout fix!


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      IMO not good for arctic conditions.
      Still ok for handbrake turns though.

      I'd have a manual disable so I can lock or unlock independently of the handbrake.


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        whats this got to do with arctic, or handbreak turning? lol
        and this is INDEPENDANT you can still use the lock and unlock independantly of handbreak.. for Car Pics! for Touchscreen timeout fix!


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          this is exactly what happens on automatic cars, when changing gears to PARK, doors unlock. Manual cars dont have PARK, only handbreak, so this circuit is of a benefit.
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            People in freezing conditions would want an independent lock since they may leave handbrakes off (frozen handbrake cables are somewhat awkward).
            Handbrake turners may want overrides so that passengers... I mean... navigators have a chance to exit should they want to.

            Then there is the usual issue of not having a selective unlock and hence all doors unlock despite not wanting certain doors to be openable, but that is not a new problem.

            But it is simple enough to add a switch or 2 for manual control when desired. And you say your circuit is independent though that is not shown in your image above.
            I wonder if that Park lockers can be defeated for Alpiners merely warming their engines or cabins?


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              I am from Canada, so I know all about weather conditions.
              This is for Manual Vehicles, so not using a handbreak for manual makes no sense. Even if you dont use handbreak, this circuit wouldn't work, at all.
              This circuit does not change how the locks, or factory buttons work, at all.
              This circuit only unlocks door when handbreak engages, then shuts itself off after 3 seconds, leaving all original factory buttons and locks UNAFFECTED.
              I dont see how you can be no negative towards my post when some people may benefit of it.
              Why would you want a selective unlock (just one door, all door, 2 doors, 3 doors?) when applying a handbreak. I mean, honestly, are you getting out the car at that point, why you applying the handbreak?
              This circuit has no ill effect on this system. It is only a ONE wire trigger, that disables ITSELF and ITSELF only after a period of 3 seconds. It works the SAME way if you HOLD the UNLOCK button for 3 seconds. Thats all it does, and ONLY when the handbreak is engaged, for people who have manual vehicles, if you dont use handbreaks, well, your creating a problem for yourself, even without using my circuit.. This post has nothing to do with Automatic or PARK vehicles, this is for manual transmissions ONLY.

              The pic makes PERFECT sense if you understand the logics in it, and we have our own subzero temperatures that dont affect any of the circuits I have made.
              ONLY a ground signal is sent to the unlock wire trigger, the exact same process the ALARM/STARTER does. (If you install them you would know)

              The only reason to turn this off is if you feel like a crazy mofo trying to do spinouts in winter by pulling handbreak in open area and going "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and don't feel comfortable having the doors unlock while your having a time of your life.

              Other than that, it works just like a factory automatic tranny going into park, and also like any alarm system added to the vehicle. Does not interfere at all with any of the other components in the car, and just an emulation of the physical button press on same wire as alarms use.

              The first two wires, VCC is constant, if you want it on a switch, then there is a problem, must always be powered A switch, or automatic switch, can reactivate the unlock, and you don't want that.
              The handbreak wire, is orange, found under the console. It's a floating VCC line. after you pull the handbreak, it's GROUNDED out, by factory. The circuit uses this GROUND to activate itself, since it cant work with 2 VCC feeds, it waits for VCC to go GND. Then the circuit engages.
              The relay ONLY passes common ground for a period of 3 seconds, top row of pins of pic, you will understand. The relay only works when circuit engages it for only 3 seconds. Alarm systems send the same common ground to the same wire as well. This is the same as pressing the unlock button on the door. All original and factory buttons and uses are UNAFFECTED.

              So other than being crazy doing purposed spinouts on an open road, just for the fun of it, and feel you need to be secured by having door locked while yanking the handbreak to enter your twilight zone, by all means install your disable switch.

              On automatic GM tranny vehicles, why dont you want a selectinve startup when entering PARK gear, will GM be nice enough to let us have a disable switch or show us to hack their ECU to disable that feature?
              If you want to be selective on your doors to be open when parking your car (manual transmission), go and trace your unlock wires, that's your choice. People dont handbreak for red lights or turning corners. Thats the same as shifting to PARK on automatic cars.
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                and for your last comment, if im not sure i covered it, how is it not shown in the image above? The park lockers are unaffected by this circuit, you would have to be ***PHYSICALLY*** in the car to RELEASE and REENGAGE handbreak to have it auto unlock.
                It doesnt do it on it's own! so remote starting and remote locking is UNAFFECTED as well.
                Thats the same thing as saying your finger pressing the unlock door button for 3 seconds is a BAD thing. It's also saying remote unlocking doors via alarm is also a BAD thing.
                This IS independant, and has NO side effects, and leaves ALL current hardware intact and working 100%.
                How can this not be clear?...
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                  Well since you are able to construe so much from what I did not say, I'm sure you have a good handle on your diagram and application.
                  Open roads indeed!

                  Would you prefer I delete my replies?