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  • What do people not understand?

    I have had 3 cars that have gone through different stages of a car-puter build, 2 of them were canceled because I ended up dumping the car for another because of car problems just getting to big. So now I am so clos to getting my latest car to being done and now signs of ANY problems. So it will finally happen (THANK THE CAR GODS!)

    Here is my point though...So many people keep saying...why don't you just save up and put in a head unit? Get a DVD head unit with multiple video inputs and use that?

    Do any of you get this kind of crap?

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    Only because the head unit can only do what THEY let you do, where a carpc can do whatever YOU want to do.

    The head unit people watch us closely, and choose something cool we can do, to be added to their next year's model.

    For us, we just add features over time as we can dream them up.


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      I get it everywhere too.some have a look and say 'yer cool' then just ask why?others are amazed at what can be done...for me its the joy of the build.not many people understand this concept

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        I agree with camo on this, I get most fun out of designing,building and tinkering with my carpc.

        Others have declared me insane for it and others at the kia club in Holland think its way cool but still stick to their 'safezone' , headunits that is.
        A carpc in my mind is ment for people that either want full control over what they can do in their car and/or for people that love to play with electronics and computers.

        I usually get the question 'whay have you done that?' I simply reply with 'because I can' , and thats the truth , I want extra options and features, just because I can make it happen.
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          Well a CarPC takes a lot of TLC to massage what you want out of it. Regardless of the work done by people that have written front ends it still takes a certain amount of work to get it up and running properly. The VAST majority of people don't have the skill to do this so they are not going to understand the reason for this.

          In my case not only will it be cool when done but it will also display my skills and I will be building pretty much a rolling resume. If I program 50% or more of the code running my truck I can use this as an example of my programming and integration prowess. But then again I am working on a Programming Degree where I want to specialize in embedded devices or Automotive related hardware. I am also going to get involved with Security issues as well so If I can build a vehicle that is not only cool and secure but is a mobile hacking station it can be impressive. I am hoping to build a system I can control many things from my phone from anywhere.

          But a majority of people want to be able to plug it in as an appliance and just work without issues and without having to learn stuff. We are the leading edge of technology even when the manufacturers catch up. Because of our environment they want us to start writing software for them as well as interface other hardware to our car and show some cool stuff. I dare to bet if you can add a majority of the things we do to a Ford or GM system that is out there now it will get recognized....



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            This past weekend, my neighbor knocked on my door to ask for a boost. When I walked to my truck, opened the hood and un-spooled the cable and plugged it to his car and jumped it in a matter of second, he freaked. Then he realized my truck was not "normal". He asked me if I had bought the truck like that, (Cause we all know girls can't be mechanically-inclined). Then the next question was, "why did I have all the computers and electronics onboard". I said, "because I can!". why would I buy an hyperinflatedly-priced 2014 model that still comes up short on "options", when I can play with my paid-off truck, that I can even reach on my home computer network?

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              I find it funny...Likethe one guy was trying to say how his car has won all these competitions with his set up. Who's to say I wouldn't if I even wanted to try? He is like head unit is so much better? Why? Cause you bought it all in 1 package. Lke I said before I have all the parts of a head unit but in multiple parts. Oh well...I ean to each their own. My system has tacken 2 years+ planning...replaning and building. His took 5-15 minutes at a website/big box store.


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                  Cosign with @RAWPWR!

                  There are countless examples of people who go against the norm and achieve success. For companies like Apple to now try and implement their software in automobiles only means they've been paying attention to those who've tinkered with the "hobby." And as far as the headunit jabronies go, most people I talk to are tired of the radio and are fascinated by the prospect, or satisfied with their devices and are too lazy to venture further. But in the end, they will remember you when they buy that new car, and the dash unit resembles the CarPC unit you had.

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                    even though I just have a measly tablet as my carpc, it's hard to fathom going back to a regular double din unit. With the great apps that are being developed, you can just do so much more. I enjoy the research, the build, etc.. more than anything else though.


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                      Originally posted by eugenweij View Post
                      I agree with camo on this, I get most fun out of designing,building and tinkering with my carpc.
                      I usually get the question 'whay have you done that?' I simply reply with 'because I can' , and thats the truth , I want extra options and features, just because I can make it happen.
                      i am getting this question quite often......!

                      I think its kind of asking someone why should use a car and not mules ...

                      Fortunately for us this question dissapears in time and it is turning the other way as people stopped use mules

                      a suitable and a mean answer would be a briliant saying from the Megamind movie
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