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    OK, so I'm a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise. The enthusiast culture, the cars, the tech. Since the first car, all 3 has been around. People may not remember, but back when cars began rolling on the streets, there were specific fashions for and women. When you feel a love for your car or other cars, you become a special person with a special pedigree.

    Paul Walker was one of us. He loved cars, and like anything else, anyone can die from even eating a piece a fruit; My point, he died playing with what? The last thing I would do is judge him for it. However, being that he died doing what he loved, places him in an otherwise enviable situation. I hope I don't die doing something I hate.

    I saw a few videos of him visiting other modification shops (he co-owned one), and the happiness on his eyes were indescribable. He truly loved cars. He did the same things to cars that we do in this group. The movies that he made showed him as always doing the right thing in the end. We should all strive to do the same.

    RIP Paul walker.
    The low budget model ! 2005 F-150
    • -Custom fiberglass console, CB,Interfaced OBDII
    • -In-dash multimedia w/ bluetooth
    • -Piconet PAN & Wifi Edge internet
    • -Advantech relay board, Pololu microcontrollers w/servos
    • -Embedded Axim palmtop w/backup GPS

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    He was a true petrolhead!!



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      I read he was on holiday from filming the 7th installment, and that they are re-writing the story now so they can continue with production. It's sad that this happened. My co-worker went back east for the holidays and while enjoying som spirited driving, hit some black ice then smashed head on into a tree, and although the car is totaled, he walked away without a scratch. He showed the photos today, and we could not believe anyone got out of the wreck unhurt.

      Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes not so much.