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Need assistance with finding a product similar to mimics

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  • Need assistance with finding a product similar to mimics

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a product similar to the mimics, that doesn't require a jailbreak or anything hacked?

    I did search the forums as i seen the mimics was sold out on the front page of the MP3Car store, so looking for an alternative. similar to the new Mercedes Benz interface for the iPhone

    Thanks in advance

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    If you have a Benz you might be in luck. They will be releasing an aftermarket option for select C-class vehicles, then you will be able to have access to a handful of iOS apps. Not sure if it can be compatible with android like the MimicsX2.
    The iOS mode of the MimicsX2 does require jailbreak, but also allows you to have full access to all your apps. Android does not need to be hacked.

    The original iOS only mimics has been replaced by the hybrid MimicsX2, so that's why the original is no longer available.

    Hope you can find your Jailbreak free alternative.


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      If you decide to try picking up a mimics be very careful because the seller of that product has given mixed customer support. You can not believe what he says for product shipment or availability and he seems to have no issues lying to customers to get your money. Members have had serious issues with him getting any product or their money back. He will deny it but you can look on the related thread and look at complaints that start out MANY months ago and continue to the current time. If you DO get the product I haven't heard any complaints but good luck actually receiving the product.

      But then again he has also shipped product out the same day to some customers while others are still waiting for any response other than "it is in the mail" for months...


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        Thanks guys!