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  • Android Tablet In Car?

    I have a 2006 Chevy Malibu. Everything in it is factory, I've wanted to replace the stereo for years but never got around to it.

    I was actually in the process of buying an in dash dvd head unit until I saw a video on YouTube where someone replaced their stereo with an Android tablet!

    Ever since then I've been intrigued. I put off buying a new stereo until I've looked more into this topic.

    So I have a double din opening where the factory stereo currently sits. I'm looking at the Nexus 7 and if my measurements are correct it should fit. But I have a whole set of questions that I'm currently scratching me heat at.


    - Connecting the tablet to the car's audio system
    Option 1: I'm wondering if it would just be easier to buy a single din head unit and mount it somewhere else like the gloves box and just connect the tablet to that.

    Option 2: I've read alot of Android tablet projects here on the forums and watched several install videos where people have connected the tablet directly to the car's audio replacing the head unit altogether. I like this setup because it eliminates the need for a head unit but I have to admit the process of actually connecting everything together looks daunting. I'm not sure if there's one right way to do this but it seems like some people like to use EQ's, some use signal processors, and some dont use either one and just connect the tablet directly to an amp. So what's the best way? I want the best and clearest sound I can possibly get.

    - Factory steering wheel controls and chimes
    So my car has steering wheel controls, now I've recently heard about the joycon so that takes care of the steering wheel controls. Something I'm not really sure about is my car's chimes, turn signal, and various other sound that it makes. How would I be able to retain this with a tablet replacement? Metra makes a Factory Integration Adapter that allows my car to retain RAP and safety warning chimes for aftermarket stereo installs. However, I won't be having an aftermarket stereo so how could I use this adapter with a tablet?

    That's pretty much all the concerns of mine that I have at the moment.