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Problems with Mobile Computing Solutions

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  • Problems with Mobile Computing Solutions

    In early January of this year I ordered a touch screen from 'Mobile Computing Solutions' and was to have it delivered to an address in Utah as I was doing some work in Eastern Canada and in Phoenix Arizona but when I got to Utah at the end of the month it never arrived.
    When I contacted them when I arrived in Utah three weeks later they said they were tried to contact me via email which I never got because the billing address, which is an address in New Zealand, was different to the shipping address and thought it was possible fraud. They also admitted that it was their mistake and would give me a refund or ship it to New Zealand at their expense. I told them to ship it.

    Well after one phone call to them I have received no emails or phone calls or anything since despite me emailing them on what is going on. Everytime I call I always get the answer phone. It's now May and nothing.

    Have they closed down?

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    Haven't heard anything, their web site is still up. I haven't ordered anything from them in the past year so I can't say anything about problems, they were always good before. Good luck SNO


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      I ordered some brackets from them about a month ago and had no issues. I have had nothing but great service from them.