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  • Woo Wooo!!

    Got a new thirdgen F-body! This just in- a 1990 Firebird Formula, just picked up today. Black on gray, t-tops, 5 liter Tuned Port Injection, etc. She's got high miles (199,000), but I bought her with an engine replacement in mind... 350, possibly 383. I dunno yet. Body is straight, no rust, but the nose seems a bit warped, and the spoiler looks like ***,, of course... those two items will have to be replaced. Interior is clean, but missing a few trim pieces. Traded my wrecked '91 Jimmy and $900 for her.. all in all, I think she'll make a fine project, once I put a new top on my 'vert! Posting a few pics, please pardon the quality, I've got a cheap camera. Now I've just gotta put the 'puter innit...

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