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Poll: What rims to get with my new car :) ?

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  • Poll: What rims to get with my new car :) ?

    Hey everyone just got a new red 2001 honda civic, red, 2 door, manual 5 speed, 18000miles with warranty, power everything ect ect...REALLY excited because this is my first car that will be all mine, no more sharing with brother(btw im 18) WELL im looking at different rims to get, im think 18" wheels are perfect so could yall suggest your favorite looking 18" rims, btw im gonna be putting on a body kit on it after i get more money. Thanks everyone and cant wait to get them

    Btw i really like those konig 18"s look on the 2001 civic.

    Thnx, Seabass

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    26" spinners.
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      36" super swampers
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        stick with 15" steelies and get yourself some 15" spinner hubcaps off ebay, any true pimp knows thats more bling for the buck
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          lol, common people PLEASE give me some suggestions, im going to pick up the car tommorow :-DDDDDD cant wait, thats why its 3:00am and im still up(i have to leave at 4 to make it there by 9, its in lousianna and im in texas)


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            save your money and spend it on something worthwhile. i.e. new stereo, or something unrelated to the car. or, another good option is to buy some nice summer tires, and then spend some money on cheapo steel wheels with winter tires. but, thats only if you live in a place that gets more than an occasional dusting of snow.

            18's on a civic are going to make it slower than it already is. more inertia to get moving with the anemic honda torque curve.

            and please, please, do not spend it on a body kit or a huge rear wing. if these guys with the 100's of extra pounds of crap bolted to their cars think it makes them faster... nevermind... im getting myself all flustered.

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              Other then the wing's weight, it also slows them down by extra downforce that they don't need because they are going to slow anyways.. If you don't beleive me, I'll have one of my physics friends write out the example to show the extra un-useful downforce..

              Buy some 18" wheels if you want to look cool, or a sound system (Cheaper, even) if you want to be cool
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                the only production street legal cars that actually need the downforce from a whale tale like that are the mustang cobra-R and the latest 03 mustangs... instead of puting a big wing on the new mustangs they just electronically limited their speed so they won't take off.... now a honda isn't ment to be a race car... hell honda doesn't even race them that should tell people something!.... I may do work to my car but I've only made 2 cosmetic changes headlights (converted to euro-spec lights because they are brighter) and a fully functional front splitter.... but I actually intend on tracking my car, I'm not some F&F kiddie
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                  I am planning on switching my Jetta's lights out some time, but for now I am staying with just dumping in a sound system (dual 500wRMS subs, pair of 6x9 and a pair of 5-6" in the front and of course, amps all around ) and putting in a carputer
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                    Heck yeah, same here, i'm working on the stereo and the speakers and the carputer before I do anything else.
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                      18" rim wow...dont do it man, it might look silly if you have that small brake disc with red painted calipers, even worst with a rear brake drum. If you got Type-R yes you get away with 18"

                      Big rim and spoilers are there for a reason...


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                        someone serious

                        i like my 18 inch ADR Stage-II

                        but of course i like them, they're mine


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                          PLEASE people, im putting them on there, this isnt a car for racing, if i wanted a car to race i would probably get a si....but anyways i just want a really nice looking car, someone please give me some suggestions Thnx


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                            Go to and get the exel dl-46... looks a lot like the real deal SSR intergrals, but waaaaay cheaper. And don't put 18's on that small a car, your ride quality will suck. 17's would be as big as I'd go. If you had a bigger car like a mustang, stealth, or f-body... then 18's or even higher would be ok.

                            And no one should put huge wings on FRONT wheel drive cars, all it will do is push down on the rear, and pull up the front hehe.

                            PS: Wheelmax customer service on the phone, the one time I called them, sucks. But they have good deals, and other people are happy with them.

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                              any suggestions with rim/tire combos on ebay...?