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  • the gods are angry

    my particulairly bad monday.. hopefully i can amuse a few with woes

    today is a holiday in ontario, i live and play in ontario, i work in quebec, today is not a holiday in quebec.

    it started at about 1 am last night when i left the BBQ/party that i was at. i left kinda early since i had to work, and since every one else wasn't working they where still doing there duty to the bottle, and the party no doubt was just getting going..
    it had poured last night and there where a few puddles, big ones at that. being a quite a lot more wobbly then normal i walked through most of them on the way home... including a few that smelt particulairly foul and where ankle deep... In sandles..

    i made it too bed in no short order, and was nicely passed out, when the GF phoned at around 2:30am... not to bad, cause after talking to her i remembered to turn on my alarm.

    at 5:30 the alarm went off, at quite a resounding volume... i've ran my alarm through a small mini-system, the deafualt volume is good and loud. i normally turn it down to prevent injuries. i forgot to turn it down... nothing like waking up to Crazy Train with two 10w speakers on either side of your head blaring.. i hit snooze till 6 and then stubbled and showered.

    dressed, ate, turned on house alarm, locked doors, left for work.. turned around, forgot my lunch.. unlock doors, turn off house alarm, open fridge... oh wait, no lunch for me.. i didn't make one yesterday. alarm, lock, walk to bus stop.

    it seem a little odd, no one at the bus stop, or either of the two stops with in sight. but i was on time, and i waited.. until 7:00 when the second bus would have showed up.. and then it started to rain... and then it started to pour

    ran back to the house, unlock, unarm. called the bus stop number which tells you when the bus will show up. "next bus, 131 local north, 8:32am" this just wont do.. its not even the right bus. i guess since today is a holiday for most, they don't run the express buses to downtown from the burbs.

    i don't drive to work cause i can't get parking. but today in hope of a little luck i hopped in the Stanza, she purred to life and i thanked her. then the fuel light came on. I had been trying to get my tank nice and empty cause i was gonna put some fuel injector cleaner in(you put it in on an empty tank), but i had planned to wait until gas prices when down.. work is to far to drive to and back on fumes, and gas is even higher in quebec.

    off to the local proctology station, for my *** raping. plenty of tire spin as i ripped myway to Esso on wet pavement. smoked my neighbor in her maxima after a good 2 sec of spinning the tires at a stop light(she wasn't trying, must be a girl thing). gas was at .704 per litre.. not so good since i was hoping to afford the 92 octane (she deserves it in her old age) but that was something like 85c a litre. put the FIC in and filled 'er up.. more spinning tires and i'm off to work..

    here is when things get a little better, i cruised to work at twice the limit with badmotorfinger cranked, my deck pushing all 4x 45w that its got. damn i love my infinity speakers. clear as water, and not that puddle stuff, the filtered kind. the subs hit solid to.. despite there cheapness.

    20kms later and i was in a better frame of mind. i got to work on time, parked in the canadian tire next door, which sells parking but again, no pass for me, they sell out every time. hopefully no one will notice me there today.

    enter building, swipped security card, enter pin. and a red light flashes at me.. odd, this work friday.. swipe, pin, flash... seems that my clearance has expired.. i phoned most ppl i could think of, but every one is on holidays, or not at there desks yet, and my bosses ## isn't in even in the phonebook. 20 min later the boss shows up and gets me a temp pass...

    and i'm off to start me sleepin' job to get my pay.
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    wow...sorry about that guy...
    "The Great Boob"


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      you complain about .85? here it's about 1,2, but you had a bad day, thats for sure
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