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What do you think of Boston Acoustics??

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  • What do you think of Boston Acoustics??

    Rather than make a long drawn out story, I walked into a local Good Guys nearby to kill some time. As usual I made my way to the car audio deptartment. I was looking at the Boston Acoustics 6.5 ProSeries components, hoping that the price had lowered. They had only one pair left in the whole store which happened to be the display units. It turns out that the Good Guys are no longer carrying Boston Acoustics, and were phasing them out. To make a long story short, I got the display units for $199. Mind you they retail for $450. I made sure to listen to them before commiting. The only issue is, I only got what was on the boards. No angle mounts for the tweeters (or axis mounts), and one of the covers of one of the crossovers is missing. I plan to call Boston Acoustics Monday (they're closed on the weekends) to try to get the missing pieces.

    My question is, has/does anyone here have a set, and was it worth the high retail pricetag?

    I presently have a pair of their FS60's and am content with thier performance. I am running an Kicker KX700.5 from my KDC-MP8017 HU, until I get my carputer installed. I am certainly not running a competetion setup, but got a better set of components for less than what I paid for the FS60's (also got them from the Good Guys).

    Also, if any of you are near a good guys, you may be able to find a similar deal.

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    Hey SinnerG remember me? we met a couple of months ago. I have Boston Proseries 5.4 in my kicks and 5.5 in my doors. They're excellent speakers. They sound bad ***. One of the best sounding speakers I've ever heard. You've made the right choice with them. Also It is best if you bought their extended warranty. PM me for details.
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      With the info, I've understood about The Good Guys phasing out Boston Acoustics, I went on a search for more. I got a pair of the Z6's , but traded the 6.5 ProSeries in for them, plus $100.