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    I thought i would share my weekend out of town.

    Thursday: Leave Dallas about 1:00PM. Drive directly to Douglass, TX (about 20 MI from Nacogdoches ) Visit Heather for about 1 hour and then drive the 20 miles to Nacogdoches to see Brandie, Christine, Paul & Lynn. I did some running around town and finally got to bed about midnight.

    Friday: Up at 7:00AM ( ). I leave Brandie's apartment about 7:45 to go check in with Bob @ the sign shop as to where an apartment complex is (they were looking for a Maintenence Assistant... Already filled on friday ). About 10:00 i made my way over to the self storage place that was looking for a manager (job came with an apartment) that one had already been filled too . About 12:00PM i caught up with Brandie & Christine to eat lunch and congradulate Christine on her engagement. I don't really remember what we did friday afternoon. About 6:00 Angela came over to get Brandie and Christine to head out to Grandma & Grandpa Randalls (they were having smoked brisket... good stuff). I played a few games of pool before i decided to give up on trying to win and be socialable. We left there at about 11:00 because the three of us were getting tired. We went to sleep eventually, i really have no idea what time that was.

    Saturday: Up eventually (11:00AM or so). Didn't have anything to do except for a second night out at the Randall's. About 6:00PM Angela came over... she needed her backed popped (The reason why is a long story). I helped Brandie balance to walk on Angela's back and about 7:00 Mike and Myself went out to Douglass to get Heather. We finally get to the Randall's about 8:00 and stayed there till about 11:00. (The rest didn't really happen on saturday but I hadn't slept any yet). After we got back into town Heather started to feel rather bad (3 months pregnant) About 2:00AM Sunday I take Heather and Christine to the hospital, They return about 4:30AM.

    Sunday: Up at 9:00AM (Church). Take Brandie to church about 9:15... stay there till noon or so and then return to the apartment to check on Heather & Christine (they had slept through church after being up so late). I don't remember if we ate probably should have though. About 5:00 Heather calls her brother Josh and asks him if we can get some free food (He's an manager at one of the McDonalds there). we eat about 5:30. About 6:00 Angela picks Heather up for LSF (no idea what this is) and Christine goes to sleep (She didn't feel too good). About 10:00 I run Christine by her dorm so that she can get some clothes and stuff for class on monday. We go back to Brandie's apartment and she attempts to study for class on monday.

    Monday: Up at 11:00AM. Not much happened today. I went and installed a DSL Modem and ate lunch. We went and got Heather some "Sea-Bands" (they're suppossed to be good for morning sickness.. must be a physcological thing). ate dinner about 7:00 and got to sleep around 2:00AM (yes... monday is missing loads of detail... i don't care this post is long enough as is).

    Tuesday: Up at 10:00 or so. Brandie slept through class. Was a slow day as well... i was getting ready for the trip back to Dallas that evening. About 6:00PM we went out to the Randall's again (Bible study... food too.) I left there about 8:45 PM and was in my parents driveway at 11:45PM. I let Brandie know that I was home and showered and went to bed.

    $71.05 and about 700 miles made for a great weekend/mini vacation. (and one of the longest posts in mp3car history)

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    Originally posted by bgoodman
    $71.05 and about 700 miles made for a great weekend/mini vacation. (and one of the longest posts in mp3car history)
    All that reading for this!!!!!??!??!?
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      Yeah, bgoodman, stories are usually only enjoyable to read if something actually happens. But then again, I have my journal from my trip to Italy on my site and I'm sure a whole ZERO people have read that. One of those things that only matters to the person telling the story, I guess.
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        I waited for someone else to post a response to see if it was worth reading SUCKERS!!!

        hehe, glad to hear you had an enjoyable weekend bgoodman!
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          haha... yea i suck at writing now


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            That's ALOT better than my week. Over the weekend, I found out my ex-girlfriend died. How?... I'll leave that private. She was only 24. I'm going to her funeral tomorrow. Even though we drifted apart and I hated her after we broke up, she doenst deserve to die at a young age. She looked so peaceful in her casket. I wish she didnt have to die. RIP TLL.
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