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  • Where do you work?

    i am interested in what most people here do for a living, and possibly what your daily schedule is? Please post
    92 Taurus SHO - Daily driver - Epia M10000 80GB 512mb 7" touchscreen, Opus PSU etc

    93 Black SHO - 30mpg cruiser

    90 Silver SHO - 419whp fun/project car, CarPC to come (for tuning)

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    unfortunately: nowhere


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      I drive for a courier company and am out and about my city for over 9.5 hours a day in my van. That's why I'm working on a system for mp3's, route planning and navigation with GPS in the future...

      My office is my van, so why not have a computer in there?



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        I don't work at the moment. I start taking evening classes on the 29th for learning A+ MCSE Linux and windows 2000 administration and that sort of thing.

        I've worked for a while in a computer repair shop

        I'm a geek.
        A digital mind lost in an analog world.

        Learn to ask smart questions!

        My car PC: The Lost Cause!


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          My technical title is Information Technology Technician.

          But I am basically one of two systems admin, and the only technician at a plastics extrusion plant.

          point being, I stay pretty busy
          [H]4 Life
          My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
          It will be done sometime in the next generation.
          I'm a lesbian too.
          I am for hire!


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            Lead Engine Programmer, working for Kuju. I write game engines, which for the most part involves slaving away in front of a PS2 devkit implementing and tuning renderers and scene management for a d-cache limited machine.
            Old Systems retired due to new car
            New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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              I work at


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                I work for a private hospital group, mainly in London, UK, in IT.

                We've got 4 hospitals, and the IT dept. consists of myself and my manager.

                I'm stationed at the one 4 miles away from my house, but occasionally have to go over to the other side of London where our other sites are. Most of it's desktop support, and a few networking problems. The rest of it is browsing the web on Anandtech and MP3Car forums, as well as playing with PhotoShop working on MediaEngine skins!

                Well, drivers for my wireless adapter have just downloaded, suppose i'd better install them and see if I can get my wireless connection working again!

                Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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                  I work in the ARMY as a network tech and an Administrator. I provide support calls at all hours of the day because someone cant figure out how to print. I am the INTERNET MAN!
                  MSI K7T turbo limited ed.
                  AMD Duron 600
                  TM - 701 ( Touchscreen and VGA kits will be added later)
                  ATI Rage Fury
                  looking at OPUS 150
                  512 PC100
                  40Gb HD
                  SuSE 8.2 Professional


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                    I'm a car stereo installer for the good guys. MECP certified back in 94 but never took the certification again.
                    NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
                    If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.


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                      Linux Sys Admin for a weather forcasting company
                      '98 Explorer Sport
             (down atm)
                      AMD 800mhz 192megs RAM 60gig hard drive 9 inch widescreen VGA
                      80% done


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                        Originally posted by [TWSTED]

                        I was on your site the other day! Welcome to the boards!

                        [EDIT] I work in tax. And technology.

                        I reserve all rights in connection to each post I author, without exception.


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                          I work at IBM at the Research Triangle Park, NC campus. I'm a computer science co-op from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. I switch off between work and college every 3/4 months.
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                          Retired CarPC - 03 Infiniti Qx4


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                            I work a plastics company doing network admin and all general computer repair, but the bulk of my day is programming (Database apps and automation mostly).

                            Status: 40%
                            Car: 2006 Scion tC (Buying)
                            CPU: AOpen Pandora/1.5 Cel M/1GB DDR2/Ipod Vid
                            Screen: Lilliput 7"
                            Power: Carnetix 1900
                            GPS: Deluo GPS
                            Software: nLiteXP, RR, IG, PhoCo
                            XM: XM Direct


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                              My title is "network technician"

                              I maintain Win2K and WINNT servers and workstations for 150 local users, 25 remote users and liason between the IT group on the east coast and this office.

                              I want more money!
                              Stop Buying New Music CD's.
                              Hit The RIAA where it lives.

                              Indash Motorized 7", Epia Nehimiah, 512 MB, 80 GB, DVD, Wireless G, XP Pro, XM PCR, Kenwwod 5 Channel 1200 Watt Amp.