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  • It lives! w00t! computer just booted up in my car...YAY of Relief! I decided to blitz it...and my computer went from a piece of sheet metal, an Opus, a 30gig HD, and an M10000 and some cables of Miscelany (AND a $20 gift certificate to Radio Shack, that I used $19.74 of) to a Walking Talking Living Breathing CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARPUTER!!!! Working since 10am yesterday, so that's....19 hours with a few breaks...Yay for Me!

    Just when I got it ALL hooked up, and try it for the first time...nothing. Sonofa BITATHC...start I'm sweating over checking all my continuities i notice my car's voltage gauge is reading suspicously low...try to start it, definitely doesn't crank...dead battery. So, I'm an idiot.

    jump start the car, let it charge for a while, give the computer some go juice...Zang.

    I now have to return my interior to look more like a car and less like, well, my room does right now...and make sure everything is Gravy. Then it's grab an hour of sleep until it gets light, then wash and wax and get ready for the show...god, I'm even a procrastinator of my hobbies...

    Thanks to Confused, for getting Media Engine to work for me (still think i'm not worthy....) and to Kris from opus for chatting on the phone with me for like 10 minutes over three calls to help me wire the silly thing (got it so long ago that the manual was loooong gone)
    MP3 MR2 (click here for details)
    Hardware: EPIA M10000, 512Meg Ram, 5.6"TFT, Opus 150watt DC-DC PSU
    Software: Windows 2000, Media Engine 2.0