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My boss sent me this (Michael Jackson)...

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  • My boss sent me this (Michael Jackson)...

    I thought it was mildly amusing.
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    Catch me if you can! (leprechaun laugh in background)


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      sometimes a responce is better left unsaid
      Originally posted by menudude
      thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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        Try this...

        My Project Site


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          My Apologies if you’ve heard ‘em, but you KNEW they were coming!!
          These were passed along to me by the network admin for my company in Atlanta:

          Q:What's black and comes in little white cans?

          A: Michael Jackson

          Q: What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?

          A: One is white, made out of plastic, and dangerous for kids to play with and the other you carry your groceries in !!

          Q: Why was Michael Jackson spotted at K-Mart?

          A: He heard boys' pants were half-off !!

          Q: What's brown and in a baby's diaper?

          A: Michael Jackson's hand !!

          Q: What did the man on the beach say to Michael Jackson?

          A: Get out of my sun!!

          Q: How can you tell if Michael Jackson has company?

          A: There's a big wheel parked outside his house!!

          Q: Why does Michael Jackson arrange for private shopping?

          A: So his guests won't be accompanied by guardians!

          Q: What do Michael Jackson and a Big Mac have in common?

          A: They're both 40 year old meat between 10 year old buns!

          Q: Who does Michael Jackson consider a Perfect "10"?

          A: Two 5 year olds.
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            lmao, those were funny
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