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Silver, what gives?

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  • Silver, what gives?

    Ok, so I know electronics have been moving from black towards silver for a few years now, seemingly starting with car audio, and moving into the home theatre, and black car audio has been hard to find for a while now, but I'm now having trouble finding black home theatre equipment (without it being $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$). What gives!@#$!@$!@##$!@. Was there a central reason for black to beome passe? It's especially problematic in my matte black interiored car, where something bright silver is going to stick out like a sore (STEAL ME!!!) thumb. I wanted to find a black vcr to go with my stack of black equipment, but only the el cheapo barely large enough to hold the vcr mechanism decks seem to be black anymore.

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    Exactly this, weekend I was looking for a new DVD player to replace my old school one and they are all silver!! All of my home audio is black. So now my quest is to look for one online in black.

    Down with silver, boycott it at the stores.
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      it's the old cliche of 'history repeats itself' ...

      black will have it's time again ... you just have to wait for the sheep of society to stop liking silver again.
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        hell, paint it!
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          You know all of my home stuff is silver either really old or new no 1/2 way here. Tons of silver in the car, black HU but that's all.
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            can you guys give some specifics? cuz Denons and Yamahas are all black in the states. The new crappy cheap *** SONYs are silver and Im sure you dont want that.
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              I know a lot of the high end and prosumer reciever/amp/such stuff is often black, but what I'm really refering to is wander around any best buy or circut city or the like, the tv's are silver, the vcr's are silver, the dvd players are silver. And unfortunately, its probably only a matter of time before most everything is silver it seems. And old silver is different than new silver, as old silver was actually brushed metal of one sort or another for the face, and a wooden case, not the new silved plastic stuff.

              Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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                I would love the to see the DJ at a dance/rave using silver equipment that sticks out and shines like an eye sore.