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Anyone watch the VGAs last night on SPike TV???

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  • Anyone watch the VGAs last night on SPike TV???

    What a waste of 2 hours...

    The bands sounded like shiznit. You couldn't hear or understand what the hell anyone said, most of the time, because the crowd wouldn't stop yelling. Which is fine but figure out how to weed some of that noise out. What the hell was the deal with not showing the nominees and just anouncing who the winner was. Then after that they wouldn't let the developers talk or anything. Then, any cut scenes from the games they showed with dialogue, you couldn't understand what anyone was saying because they were taking the sound from the room and not the sound board so again you had all the noise from the crowd. Finally, who the hell voted Halo 2 as the most anticipated game for 2004?!?!?
    Yes, I know it was people voting on the internet but give me a break!!! How many people at microsoft do you think voted for that game? Maybe they had a script running to constantly vote.

    One good thing...The girls were nice to look at.

    Well, there's my rant for the day.
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    I think actiontrip sums it up for me...

    Spike TV Video Game Awards and Other Crimes Against Humanity [Jackson "Smapdey" Johns] 14:18pm(GMT)
    Well, the Spike TV Video Game Awards are happening as we speak, expect updates all evening. It seems to have very little to do with gaming at all, I'm sort of disappointed, most gamers aren't like this. This isn't funny, it's sort of an embarrassment.


    I like all the parts about anticipation. Like right now, I'm ripe with anticipation of when this **** will be over. It's like AIDS but for my TV.

    So, they're ripping off of the fantastic Red vs. Blue except without the funny. This game is about as funny and entertaining as cancer. Wait sorry, cancer is slightly funnier.

    Okay, a guy in wheelchair is spinning around onstage and head banging... What does this have to do with gaming? And now they're wrestling...

    "Finally, an award show where the winners are decided by execs who play video games with their kids when they have visitation rights." - Vince

    Words alone cannot show my displeasure. This is the worst award show ever. EVER. Don't try arguing, you're just a ******* idiot to say otherwise.

    The winners so far:
    Madden 2004 - Game of the Year (Jesus Christ!)
    Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball - Best Animation (You like tits! I get it!)
    Ray Liotta - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Best Performance by a Human (This category name makes no sense! Why not just call it "Best Voice Acting"?)
    Enter the Matrix - Best Game based on a Movie (WHAT THE ****?!?! This is a ******* travesty...)
    Soul Calibur 2 - Most Addictive (Okay, this one isn't bad, but the jokes are)
    True Crime: Streets of L.A. - Best Action Game (I don't think that they played half of the titles out there...)
    NASCAR Thunder 2004 - Best Driving Game (What about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, your GOTY candidate?)
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Best Fantasy Game (Okay, this is the best game I've played all year, and all that it won was best fantasy game. "Dear Spike, **** you. Love, Smap")
    Tony Hawk Underground - Best Sports Game (Trustkill loves it, it must be good)
    Halo - Best PC Game (Okay, they're ******* retards)
    Splinter Cell - Best Handheld Game (Once again, retards)
    WWF Smack Down - Best Fighting Game (So Soul Calibur 2 was most addictive but not the best fighting game. Makes sense. A whole lot of sense)
    The Dot from Pong - Lifetime Achievement Award (This is because they didn't know who Sid Meier or anyone else that actually made a game was)
    Halo 2 - Most Anticipated game (I like the year old teaser footage that they played. You know, the jumping video. Gaming Shaming!)
    Def Jam Vendetta - Best Music (Gaming Shaming! This is sell-out hour!)
    Best first person shooter - I don't know that this award was given out. I think I missed it. Someone please tell me.

    Finally it's over. Good night everyone!
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