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Car Dead!! Argh!

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  • Car Dead!! Argh!

    Hey all,

    Well, two weeks with the new car and its died on me already. God dammit!

    Here's the skinny: Bought a used Vauxhall Astra 1.4 N reg from a dealer just two weeks ago, and 1,500 is a lot for a 17 year old! Since then its been the most unlucky car I've ever had (of the two). Since I rolled it out of the garage its been a key player in most of my woes.

    Just a few days ago I was going to pick up the gf's rents in another town, hitting 60mph on a carrigeway and some random debris smacks the front of my car at great speed, leaving me with pellet sized machine gun holes by the dozen in my lovely new bonnet.

    This morning I come out to find someone has left a 4 inch scratch on my drivers door. All this could be fixed with T-Cut I thought, which I got tonight and might not even get a chance to use.

    For, after dropping off my band mates after a night of hard rocking at the studio (10 miles away), I drop off the 2nd last member and drive out of his estate, talking to the g/f (eg the drummer) and im like "shoosh hen, you hear that??"

    Slight ticking noise coming from the bonnet, by the time I came to the T-Junction some 50 yards down the road the ticking has become a rattling and the car was rocking from side to side with vibratioins from the bonnet. Bad.

    Its was case of hazard lights on and shove it to the nearest parkable place, just down the road. I walks to my nearby uncles house and phones the maw and paw. Have yet to take it back to the garage but paw thinks its the valves that have gone or something else inside the cylinder head.

    And what was the last thing I said to the dealer when I bought the car? Yep -"what kind of warranty do I get?" - "30 Days Engine and Gearbox"

    Here's hoping hes not 'changed his policy'


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    Lemon law perhaps?


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      my jeep just died too, heading up to visit Lafayette College and the belt broke, taking the crankshaft's pully with it. Lost power steering, alternator, basically anything that used electricity in the car. Luckily it happened only a minute after I left, so I managed to limp back to my home before the car overheated.



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        30 day warranty is "usually" cover part only. Labor is extra. Look at the window sticker (if you still have it) to see what cover and what not. If happend that you trask that paper, you can go back to their lots and check other used car to see what listed there.
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          Hmm, thanks MatrixPC, I'll look into this. Looks like the cylinder head might have to be skimmed if the breakdown caused more damage than I thought so says the garage.

          Its at their 'other garage', so for all I know it could be sitting on ebay right now for 900 with 3 minutes remaining...

          Off to check