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isuzu trooper questions

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  • isuzu trooper questions

    i am looking at a trooper with a 2.8 v6 <looks like someone cared for it a little bit it has a huge flowmaster muffler on it ..hmmmmm
    but it currently has injection issue's its throttle ody for now
    i know i can fix teh throttle body setup for temporary and then i will yank all that off and put on this nice

    cross ram port injection system from a 3.0 camaro
    it will have a nifty throttle body i scrounged at the junk yard that has staged secondary's

    yes it will all bolt on and there is ample room under the hood
    and to cointroll the fuel i will be using a megasquirt d.i.y injection puter that can be tuned from our carpc's yay

    oh did i mention troopers ahve lots of room for in car puter setups another yay

    anyways if i scrape up 300 plus tax in case i can have it

    anyone else think its a decent thing to buy and fix for a work car

    what with the wife telling me we have another kid on the way
    i hate to leave her home alone with out a car
    its god decent body one dorr is pushed in liikes like some really learry large person used their *** to close the door

    any ways enough blabbering sleeping kills working again but got finish nap before work 2 nigh t
    run-on sentance comp 2002!!