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PayPal Steals My Money?!

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  • PayPal Steals My Money?!

    Hey all,

    Quite peeved off with the way this whole paypal thing is panning out!! Tonight I tried to pay hacksaw (on the forums here somewhere) for his item he was offering, even went up town to put money in my account today.

    Went to transfer the money and I was given the error "card couldnt be validated" or something to that effect, anyway the process was refused. The bit I cant get is they did in fact take the money from my account and now im short 80 and dont even know where it is!!

    PayPal allegibly doesent have it and I've phoned my bank, they cant stop the transfer now its started (takes a couple of days, but my available balance is 80 less than my current balance eg its scheduled to leave)

    Anyone, UK or not had this happen to them before and if so whats the chances of me getting this resolved sharpish?

    Emails sent to PayPal, guess I have to sit it out if you guys dont know whats gonna happen!

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    It has been my experience with paypal (via clients of mine having problems) that it takes anywhere from 3-12 days for $$ to clear from a checking account to paypal. Just this month one of my hosting customers paid on 01/21 and I didn't get the money in my account till 02/04 just because paypal listed it as "uncleared" even though he showed the money deducted from his checking account on the 23rd

    Always try and use a credit card with paypal
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      Yeah it was from a credit card (well, solo, kinda same thing I think)

      So yours put it down as uncleared eh, well that at least meant it still had a chance of going through I'd think! Mine is stuck at "Refused" and so I dont have a clue where my money is

      Anyone else help?


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        I absolutely positively NEVER try to use paypal unless absolutely necessary. Take a look at this site:


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          Yeah, actually seen that tonight while searching for a solution.



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            I have never had a problem with paypal.
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              Same here, I don't consider Paypal an option for online payments. You should try the US Post Office's online payment system. The money won't be transferred until the shipment has either been shipped or received. It's a cheap and simple escrow system.
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                it'll go through max, it sometimes takes a while - been with paypal for over a year, never had any problems..
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                  I've done literally hundreds of transactions with PayPal and never had a problem. Sometimes I think it is just "cool" to hate them, sort of like it is "cool" to hate microsoft. In fact, of all the people I know who use paypal, they have never had a problem.

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                    Never had a problem with paypal. And I still hate microsoft..


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                      Hundreds of transactions....never one problem, they even got me my money back on two occasions.
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                        I hate everthing that doesnt allways work they way that is most convenient. I have been with paypal for over 4 years and the only problem I have is when people say they dont recieve the item there really is nothing you can do to counter that. A confirmation from the post office with signatore confirmation is the only true proof for paypal. oh well better luck next time......


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                          No problems with paypal here either. I've been with em for more than 2 years.


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                            Cool, thanks guys, puts my mind at rest. Been reading through the paypal europe site and it seems that if its been "refused" then the money can take up to 30 days to return to my account.



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                              i had a "random security check" on my account and now my accsess is limited
                              meaning i can't send money or close teh account
                              but hey i can recevie money and not get to it !!! how cool is that

                              i have faxed in the requested information many times <lots of personal banking info i am not so hot to give out to begine with>

                              and they still won't fix it

                              now i sold something on ebay and the guy paid using paypa <even though the auction said check or money order>

                              and i have no way to refund him or even get the money
                              worse yet i cannot get ahold of the buyer to try and fix this so he gets his item and i get my money
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