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Help: Where to find quantities of older hardware?

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  • Help: Where to find quantities of older hardware?

    I'm working on a commercial product that will require an inventory of 50 or more Epia 5000 (533Mhz version) motherboards. These are a few years old and are difficult to find.

    This question is to some of you who regularly sell in this forum (digitalww, et al): Where are good places to locate older hardware like this? Do you guys get most of your inventory through auctions?

    And don't say Ebay.
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      with VIA Eden 533MHz Fanless Processor
      AC97 Audio, 3D Video (8MB) & 10/100 LAN
      TV-Out Ports support up to 800x600 Resolution
      1 x PCI & 2 x ATA100
      1 x Serial, 1 x Parallel & 4 x USB 1.1 Ports
      2 x PC133 Memory Slots up to 1GB
      VIA PLE133/VT8231 Chipset

      I can have 50 of these to you in a week. Price would be 6810.35 Shipped, after tax. Thats $136.00 per board. If you purchased 100 boards, I could get the price down to $117 per board, after tax, shipped.

      Let me know.



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        I can get the 8k's for $85 each retail (which are fine since they are fanless). I'm not really looking for dealers, but public auctions, distributors, or whoever else you use to find hardware like this. I know I can find these for ~$75 a piece at this quantity. PM me if you don't want the info public.
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