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Where to find small plastic enclosure?

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  • Where to find small plastic enclosure?

    I need a small plastic (flame retardant preferred) enclosure for a little project I'm working on. The dimensions I need are:

    30mm (W) x 70mm (L) x 25-30mm (H)

    I can't find anybody who sells enclosures in these dimensions. Anybody have any leads? I found a company that'll make 10 of them at $27 a piece. That's a bit more than I was planning on spending, but at that price they'll do all the cutouts I need.

    Any ideas?
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    Try radio shack, they have tons of different sized project boxes. Hardware hacking articles


    • #3 should have them in a close size. It wont be exact but a fraction of the cost. Also, check around for a local plastics store (like TAP) they may be able to construct you a box or at least cut the pieces for you and provide you the cement
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