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Bristol, UK, council car towing story...

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  • Bristol, UK, council car towing story...

    Funniest thing happened to me yesterday.....

    Just handed in my dissertation and went back into Uni to help a friend with an FEA model when i get a phone call off a friend and she tells me is looking out of the window at my car, and another one, on the back of a council tow truck and some old lady is complaining to the tow truck guy. "Thats strange" I thought as my car was parked on my driveway in front of my garage (round the back of the houses by the pub where I have been parking for 2 years!)

    Anyway, I thouht no point in me rushing back as those council guys are complete b******s so when i do get back one of my neighburs comes out and tells me that a traffic warden came along, booked 5 cars and then called 3 tow trucks which took all 5 away - all in the space of half an hour! All of our cars have been parked there for years on the driveways in front of our garages, just off the road!

    I then have to get to a place which you need a car to get to as it is so far out of town and then pay 125 (about $250) to get my car back!

    Oh I did ring the council to ask why they stole my car and they said it was parked on a single yellow line during restriced hours! hmmm the single yellow parking bay is 50yards up the road, on the other side and all the parking round the garages is either visitor parking or the driveways of our garages.

    What a bizzare day!

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    They are just out to take your money. It make you wonder what it take to become a traffic wardens and the like.


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      I had a freind park directly in front of a "student parking only" sign on thursday night, and friday morning campus mainenance changed the sign to "staff parking only."

      An hour later they towed his car. He had to pay $125 to get his car back, $50 for parking in the "wrong" place, and $75 for the tow. He appealed and won, but only got the $50 back because the guy did actually tow his car and the university doesnt reimburse for that.

      Its my favorite parking story
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