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  • help drive death

    well 60 gigs of stuff is now in limbo
    and all my full version recovery programs where on that drive...
    anyone got any suggestions

    get me on msn at [email protected]
    if you have any suggestions.. or good "shareware" that might work
    kinda urgent
    run-on sentance comp 2002!!

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    can you find an exact duplicate of that drive and switch the platters? I know it sounds goofy butmy wife and I once pulled it off. If it's your drive controller that's bad.
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      that would be easy
      its a partition crash from a messed up partitionmagic job i was doing
      run-on sentance comp 2002!!


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        If the partition is inaccessible, I have serious doubt you'll recover anything. The only time I've ever gotten successful or partially successful recovery is while the partition is still readable.
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          oh i can get files back but with a stupid hareware proggie
          that only recovers 64 kb of the file
          unless i give them 40 bux
          dam greedy peopl

          anyone got any proggie suggestions?
          run-on sentance comp 2002!!


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            I used "Lost & Found" back in the day, but that's been discontinued. It required another HD to restore the data to. I got it when I accidentaly erased an entire partition in fdisk.

            Search around, you might find it.


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              I have a program that I've used effectively to restore data on a drive with all the partisitions deleted. I can e-mail it to you, but it's about 3 megs in size. Let me know...
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                Hands down, Best. Program. Ever.

                OnTrack EasyRecovery. It's expensive as all heck, but there are "trial" versions out there.

                When my 80gb WD drive crashed, it couldn't see anything, but after I repartitioned the drive and formatted it in frustration, I tried once more, under "Format recovery" option, and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was recovered in a 10 hour period. It does take some time to work, but it WILL save your data. If all you have is a gimped partition, grab that software and try it out. If it still won't dig anything up, repartition the drive correctly, and try recovering again. This program is the bomb, and is the first thing OnTrack would try in their labs (and charge you $700 for it).

                My drive's controller was failing outright, and Windows almost refused to even boot when it was connected as a slave to the system, but that software STILL recovered everything! Can't recommend them highly enough. Whenever I get the money to toss at them, I will be buying a legal copy. I snagged that "demo" version *wink wink* because I wasn't about to throw a few hundred dollars at them to see if it worked in the first place. Now that I know how badass it is, I will be buying the full version for emergencies later. Well worth it IMO.
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