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Air Conditioning Deterioration

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  • Air Conditioning Deterioration

    My question is can air con become less efficient over time? it noticably cools the air - but struggles to keep cabin temperature normal (18-20) even with air temp about 25 degrees - It always used to have no probs even in with 35 degrees outside...

    James - The UK CarPC Forum

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    the gas in the air con system looese its efectiveness of is lost over time..
    u can get the system regased and most mechanics and it houls fix it right up

    or u could go real ghetto and put in a LPG fill up in ur air con gass lines.. and fill it up with LPG gas.. works better than the real stuff and cost 10x less.
    but is very dodge and i wouldnt recomend it
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      cooler liquid leak?


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        It also loses efficiency as it loses gas. Just a little loss reduces some pressure, and the pressurizing and depressurizing is what produces heat and cold.