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red light camera avoidance system

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  • red light camera avoidance system

    Well today I made a red light camera avoidance system.

    Made a air cylinder out of a 6 piece of npt pipe, 5/16 x 8 bolt, 2 washers, 2 end caps and some rubber, then it fastens to a cable that ran to the license plate hinges. The switch runs to an air solenoid that activates the air cylinder.

    Just hit the switch and the license plate slaps down on the bumper till you let off.

    Doubles as a thanks sign when someone lets you over in traffic.

    Maybe tomorrow I will go and test it out
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    FANTASTIC ! lol - The UK CarPC Forum


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      That IS AWESOME ! ! ! I hate those cameras !
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        that is awesome...
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          i was taking this seriously until i saw that rediculus pic hahahahaha

          put a cheap screen in place of the bottom image
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            hAhahaha thats funny, as well as intelligent.

            wish i could do somthing like that, but shieeet i think the bass from my system would make it have a rattling sound on the outside... maybe i will find an alternative like this that will work for me.
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              Good job!! I've been F'ed sooooo many times by those freakin cameras. Maybe I will implement something like that to my ride.


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                just don't get caught


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                  that major illegal!!

                  Good Job!!!!!
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                  thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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                    haha, that's so awesome man
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                      I used to live in that area where you are and I know there are tons of red light cameras around. I read that Baltimore has the highest number of red light cameras in the US.

                      There is a spray out that makes your plates extra reflective and over exposes the pictures. Of course, you have to trust it enough.

                      I like the thumbs up, but I think a picture with a different finger up would have been even better.

                      Good job though.
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                        that's excellent - lmao


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                          Solution, don't run the red light in the first place!


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                            sweet deal -- i read something similar in one of these forums before where someone had implemented a really really bright light behind the plate they could turn on ... thus making pictures useless.. and a tailgater deterrent
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                              Originally posted by carpcnoobie
                              I like the thumbs up, but I think a picture with a different finger up would have been even better.

                              Good job though.
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