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OT: Need a PHP Guru who's good with images

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  • OT: Need a PHP Guru who's good with images

    I hope one of you guys here can help me, I'd be most grateful.

    I've got a bit of code that I've written/stripped from somewhere and I need it to do the following:

    Upload jpg to server
    check orientaiton (landscape or portrait)
    if portrait resize to 240 x 320
    if landscape resize to 320 x 240
    upate table

    ATM it uploads ok, resizes anything to 320 x whatever ratio, consequently portrait images are deeper than landscape ones.
    it then updates the table.

    So the only problem I have is this portrait/landscape resize depending on code.

    Anyone help me out? I really need someone to point me out the error of my ways! So please either PM me or mail me at chewiee 2004 | my4x4,co,uk



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    So you don't know how to determine orientation or your code isn't working? If it's the former, have you tried using the ImageSX and ImageSY functions?

    $img_path = "images/picture.jpg";
    $extension = strtolower(substr($img_path, -3));
    if ($extension = "gif") {
      $src_img = ImageCreateFromGIF("$img_path")
    } else {
      $src_img = ImageCreateFromJPEG("$img_path")
    If (ImageSX($src_img) > ImageSY($src_img)) {
      //Image is wider than it is tall
    } else {
      //Image is taller than it is wide (or the sides are of equal length)
    If it's something in the code that's not working, you're going to have to post the relevant parts before anyone can help you.
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      Man, I am out of practice with PHP. I'd help you, but I forgot all the image stuff.

      I can remember a half life script I wrote to get the locations of all players on a server and then map them all out on a jpeg, live.
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